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Advantages of folding trampoline

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The trampoline is mainly in the frame supported by the landing tripod with a bouncing surface tensed by most radial elastic components, for users to stand on the bouncing surface constantly bouncing, and a fun sport.

(1) What is folding trampoline?

Because the trampoline user stands on the bouncing surface after jumping up, mainly with the impact of the non-fixed way back to the bouncing surface of the rebound force, in order to increase the height of the bounce, therefore, the trampoline bouncing surface must have a specific size of the area, so the trampoline open use state volume is very large, must occupy a considerable amount of space.

The trampoline with such a large volume is bound to bring a lot of inconvenience, for example, when the manufacturer manufactured trampoline products, each assembled trampoline will have a considerable volume, not only in the factory storage of finished products will occupy the limited space in the factory, export sales will also increase transportation costs. Moreover, no matter the store or individual user of the exhibition, fixed trampolines occupy a large indoor space when they are not in use.

Therefore, some people set the trampoline as foldable type, mainly to solve the drawback of fixed trampoline occupying large space.


(2) Advantages of the folding trampoline

The advantage of the folding trampoline is that the trampoline can be folded or opened and positioned without loading and unloading part of the trampoline legs, making the loading and unloading of such trampoline more rapid and convenient.

A folding trampoline of the utility model consists of a multi-sectional frame and a bouncing surface set in the frame; its characteristics are that there are most elastic components set between the frame and the bouncing surface, and one end of each elastic component is hooked to the frame, and the other end is hooked to the outer round edge of the bouncing surface, so as to tense the bouncing surface to form the bouncing force required for bouncing; the intersection of the two frames in the multi-sectional frame is set with most legs, at least one pair of these legs is provided with a second joint mechanism, the joint mechanism in the two adjacent frame end parts are provided with a jacket, the rear end of each jacket are fixed to the adjacent two frame ends, the front end of each jacket is extended open fork piece of interlocking lugs and a pin pivot between the corresponding legs. The length of the forked piece beyond the frame is greater than the radius of the fixed leg, and after the pin is rotated by ninety degrees, each end of the tube can be fixed to the end of the corresponding fixed leg; the forked piece of the jacket is open when the interlocking part and the fixed leg are provided with corresponding holes, and the pin is inserted and positioned by a safety pin; there are at least one pair of legs in the majority of the legs, which are screwed together. The two adjacent frame ends are pivoted by a first joint mechanism; the first joint mechanism is provided with long upper and lower wings extending inwardly at the end of one of the two adjacent frames and extending beyond the tube end in its length, and with short upper and lower wings extending inwardly at the other frame opposite to its excess length, each wing being pivoted by a pin; at the same time, one of the frame ends is provided with an outer tube diameter slightly smaller than At the same time, the end of one of the frame members is provided with an insertion end whose outer diameter is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the frame member.


(3) Conclusion

If you are interested in trampolines and want to experience trampoline happiness anytime and anywhere, why not choose our folding trampoline.Contact us for more information.



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