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Safety definitely is the first priority in the amusement production industrial and it is also equally important to the players and operators.Time is money. Our efficient service start from inquiry to design, to production,delivery and installation. We guarantee rapid response in each link.Our warmly service runs through the whole project, solve all the content that can be served for you. 

The first Chinese manufacturer guarantee 30 days money back service, thus give you most confidence to the stability and reliability of each link and got win-win cooperation.

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We will provide the integrate solutions for amusement equipment, providing the customized design and service for customer based on different budget. Our service though all your whole project.We are professional playground equipment .

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We are committed to providing the best entertainment experience for children and parents. And bring the most profitable solution for the customers and operators.

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Our high-quality products certificated by ASTM,TUV-GS and CE. And our professional designer team will provide a creative integrated solutions.

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1. Manufacturing and sales of indoor and outdoor large children's amusement equipment, manufacturing and sales of small household amusement equipment

2. Provide customized design and manufacturing services, provide OEM and ODM processing services……


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    Safety, high quality and compatitive price,great value for every penny you spend.

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    Our high-quality products certificated by ASTM,TUV-GS and CE.

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    And our professional designer team will provide a creative integrated solutions.

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