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Open Up A Wonderful World Of Amusement 
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  • high quality
    Safety, high quality and compatitive price,great value for every penny you spend.
  • Fast delivery
    Fast delivery response in less than 15 days, goods ready in production once paid the money.
  • Butler-style
    Butler-style order tracking service, customer will get real-time production and shipment schedule.
  • guide you to install 
    Detailed and accurate installation drawings, guide you to install the goods step by step.
  • Extra long warranty
    Humanized after-sales service, providing a long-term warranty of up to 3-5 years.

  •  free 30-day returns
    The only Chinese manufacturer in amusement  industry that supports 30-day money back guarantee service
Even our
attraction have
Safety, quality, service, innovation and the best entertainment experience for visitor are our core values. Our high-quality products certificated by ASTM,TUV-GS and CE.
And our professional designer team will provide a creative integrated solutions.
Open Up A Wonderful World Of Amusement!

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