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After-sales Service Process
Asking questions
The customer raises the problem
The after-sales department receives and feedbacks the problem
The technical department researches and proposes a solution
The problem is solved
Records the cause of the problem and the result of the treatment and provides preventive measures
The after-sales department archives
After-sales Service Process Rules
  • 1
    After the product is delivered, the customer will be asked regularly about the arrival and installation status.
  • 2
    During the project installation process, assist the customer to install smoothly. If the customer cannot install successfully, provide professional installation engineer on-site guidance to assist in the installation.
  • 3
    After the project is put into operation, regular return visits to the project operation status, timely follow-up of customer problems and assistance in solving.
  • 4
    Provide industry information and project upgrade information regularly to assist customers in project upgrades.
Description Of After-sales Core Advantages
 We have set up a dedicated after-sales service center, dedicated mailbox for after-sales service: service@takiplay.com, 24-hour after-sales hotline +86-577-88766685 to ensure smooth after-sales service.
 Our after-sales service center team staff will set up one-to-one exclusive customers to carry out the full after-sales follow-up service, from the customer’s application for after-sales problems to the end of the after-sales problem solving.
 After-sales service response efficiency is high, basic after-sales problems are answered within 1 hour, complex after-sales problems are responded to within 24 hours, solutions are provided, and services such as replacement parts are required to be shipped within 5 days, For unusually complex problems that require engineer’s door-to-door assistance, a local or customer's service agent will be sent to follow up on site within 7 days.
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