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Attentions when playing indoor climbing wall

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In many indoor playgrounds, there are various facilities for parents and children to have fun. These include plum blossom piles, ninja classes, indoor climbing walls, and many other facilities. In this article, we will introduce the precautions when playing indoor climbing walls.

l Attentions when playing indoor climbing wall

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Attentions when playing indoor climbing wall

1、Preparation activities

Indoor climbing wall under the need to have a protector one-on-one help, safety is almost the most can be guaranteed, but do not do a good job of preparation activities, in the climbing process, it is still easy to get injured. For example, a large leap, if the warm-up exercise before climbing is not enough, muscles and ligaments are very easy to strain.

2、Climbing wear

Loose clothing and pants that do not hinder the climbing is good. However, shoes play an important role when climbing. When climbing, you should never wear shorts and tight pants, must wear loose long clothes and pants. Wearing shorts can easily rub your skin while climbing, and tight pants can hinder the lifting and flexibility of your legs. Shoes, definitely wear professional climbing shoes, if you wear the usual shoes, in the climbing process, the soles of your feet will be very uncomfortable, but also prone to injury.

3、Wearing protective gear correctly

The wearing of protective gear is also quite careful. Tied not too tight and not too loose, and the width between the legs to maintain a distance of index finger is the best. Too tight, it will affect the climbing posture, and too loose is easy to fall off. Before climbing, the first thing is to observe the rock wall in front of you, think clearly up the route.

4、Speed climbing face to the rock wall with stirrups

After climbing to the top, do not immediately breathe a sigh of relief - it is not over yet. Down the rock - commonly known as rappelling - although there are protectors below to help adjust the rope, but if you are not careful, there may still be danger. Especially when your rope and the distance between the rock wall is too close, must face the rock wall, the body slightly backward tilt down the landing. At the same time, you can also use your feet to stomp on the wall to master the direction and speed of descent.

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