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History Of Ninja Warrior

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Generally speaking, no matter what is going to be popular, it takes a period of tempering. Ninja Warriors are also like this. Before this game became popular all over the world, it also had a long history of development. If you want to know, read on to find out.



  1. Origin of Ninja Warrior

  2.  The evolution of Ninja Warriors


1. The Origin of Ninja Warriors

At first glance, you might think this is a cartoon show or a video game, but in fact, before the Ninja Warriors became popular globally, they had a rich background history. It first originated in Tokyo, Japan, and it was an obstacle course called Sasuke. Slowly, the game became popular, and there were spin-off companies in the United States, which produced the Ninja Warrior competition. Even if you are a cleaner or a fisherman, You can challenge this game through training and become a national hero.


2. The evolution of Ninja Warriors

Japan ’s Sasuke is a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Race set on the Green Mountain. It is a very large game with 100 athletes participating. This game is divided into four stages, in fact, the last stage is the simplest, it is just a small obstacle. As long as the athletes pass the first three relatively difficult stages, they are very likely to win. As can be seen from the top of the entire obstacle, these obstacles make the foundation built on the metal structure. The three stages are puddles, if the contestants  can’t persevere or make mistakes, they will fall into the puddles. The obstacles of each stage of the Ninja Warrior can test the athlete ’s full range of athletic ability and physical fitness. If you want to be a winner, you must pass the obstacles of each stage perfectly. As long as someone passes through the level to become a ninja warrior, these levels will be redesigned or some minor changes.

From the end of 2006, the American cable channel began broadcasting the Japanese Sasuke program and renamed it as Ninja Warrior. At the same time, he also began to prepare for the first American Ninja Warrior Challenge. As the program spread in the United States, it attracted people ’s with a lot of attention and extensive participation, the American Ninja Warrior has also become a very popular reality show.

Today, the show has been broadcast for 11 seasons, and season 12 is about to air. The first season of the Ninja Warrior was produced in 2009 and was performed on the beach in Venice, Los Angeles. As the show continued to improve, the Ninja Warriors began to have some modern features in the fourth season, and the production budget is also increasing. The initial round is held at three different locations in the United States. Not only that, more and more women are participating in this competition and have achieved good results. Until now, Ninja Warriors have been going on, and have been constantly improving, becoming an excellent reality show.


It can be seen that Ninja Course has experienced a long evolutionary history. Of course, this article is not very comprehensive about the history of Ninja Warriors. If you want to know more about Indoor Playground, you can go to our website for further understanding.

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