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How does outdoor play help a children's physical development?

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Today's children have very little exercise, so their physical condition is not good and they are more likely to get sick. So parents will take them to some sports, and the rise of outdoor games has attracted them. They have found that outdoor games can help children achieve physical fitness in a happy game.

Specific contents:

What is an outdoor playground

The benefits of outdoor playground over in-house playground

Notes on Children's Outdoor Playground

What is an outdoor playground

A playground is a place where children can play freely. Modern playgrounds usually have seesaws, carousels, swings, horizontal bars, parallel bars, slides, swings, rings, toy huts and labyrinths. These games help children develop collaborative skills, strengthen their body and learn to behave, while providing entertainment and enjoyment.

The outdoor playground is to install the playground outdoors, and more people can use it freely while taking care of safety.

The benefits of outdoor playground over in-house playground

First of all, from the geographical point of view, one indoors and one outdoor, the indoor playground is not affected by the environment. However, because many people are in a closed environment, the air will be very bad. In contrast, the children's outdoor playground is large in size and air circulation. And now the children's outdoor playground is protected, and generally small environmental changes can't affect its operation.

Secondly, cost-effective, children's outdoor playground more entertainment equipment, due to outdoor traffic, so the general business will use small profits but quick turnover marketing, the price will not be too high, in comparison, the children's outdoor playground cost-effective Said to be very high.

Finally, for merchants, children's outdoor playground equipment is lightweight and mobile, and some products do not require special care, such as coin-operated swing machines, three-way horses and so on. Therefore, the operation is very flexible, and I want to change the venue of the business, and I can take it with ease and make money easily.


Notes on Children's Outdoor Playground

For merchants

In terms of operation and management, children's outdoor playground need to pay attention to review some situations: children under the age of 6 are forbidden to play playground equipment for children who do not meet their age, and children must have adult supervision when playing children's outdoor playground equipment. The staff should pay attention to check whether the equipment is complete and complete, and other springs, hooks, shelves and other items that may harm the child are tightly wrapped. Before opening daily, check the children's outdoor playground to see if the children's outdoor playground equipment has exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, and air leaks.

for player

Choose the right project based on your child's age. Children's outdoor playground has many rides, such as bumper cars, luxury Trojans, etc., should be selected according to the age of the child, such as bumper cars are not suitable for children under 5 years old, because it is too intense and exciting, children are not easy to accept, if the child is daring Fortunately, if the child is timid, it is easy to be scared. 

Don't let your child play while eating. Many children like to eat when playing in amusement parks such as parks. Once they eat and play various amusement projects, it is dangerous. Back and forth bumps will make your teeth bite your tongue, so you can't let your children eat while eating.

Place a parental contact card on the child. The contact card writes the name of the baby and the parent, the home address, the contact number, and put it in the pocket of the baby's clothes. If the baby is gone, let others find the parents as soon as possible; or bring the smart watch to the child. You can locate your baby's location at any time.

Try to wear simple clothes for your child, don't wear clothes like a hat, or long skirts, big swing skirts, and gauze, which will increase the risk index. If the child is stepped on, slammed and falls, or the clothes are scraped and fall when going up and down the facility.

At present, these devices are mainly based on education and entertainment. Children can exercise while playing, while enjoying happiness and knowledge, growing up healthy and happy. These projects are very intimate to ensure the safety of children while also enabling children to live in the game.

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