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How to ensure the safety of children playing kids slide?

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Seems to be very safe slide, but also for many reasons will lead to baby bruises, falls, bruises, crush injuries in the face of these sudden and unexpected injuries, how should mothers first aid and treatment?

There are many kinds of children slides, wooden, metal, stone, plastic, rubber, and even made of ice; in terms of shape, there are straight, roller, rotating, high, short and other styles. These odd-shaped, colorful slides attract many small children, they do not care about the crowd, crowded also to go up and play, happy. Slides are fun, but we must pay attention to safety, because accidents can happen at any time, and different slides will cause different injuries to the baby. Once the baby has an accident, along with the mother should do? Parents should be able to simply identify the injury in order to deal with it properly.


(1) Is it safe for adults to play with children on the slide?

Today, there are still more places for children's entertainment, zoos, parks have playgrounds for children. In the playground, we often see many parents will take their children to slide, is to let the child sit on their lap, and then slide down together. So, is this really good?

Speaking of which, many parents will have questions, why would it be unsafe? Isn't it relatively safer to slide with your child than to slide by yourself?

And if the child sits on top of the adult legs to play slide, so as to increase the weight of the adult, so the speed of the slide will be faster, the impact on the legs of children will be greater, so the child will be more likely to fracture.

Children sitting on the adult's lap to play slide, will be more likely to increase the risk of thigh fracture than playing by themselves. Because when the child plays with the slide by himself, when he reaches the bottom of the slide, the child's leg will instinctively recover itself and is not prone to fracture.


(2) Skin abrasions

Abrasions are the most common phenomenon when babies play with slides, there are some slides on the slide is not very smooth, wooden slides are prone to cracks or burrs, slides made of stone have uneven places and cracks ...... these factors are easy to make the baby in the process of sliding down caused by abrasions, especially some babies are also wearing crotch pants or Very thin clothing and pants, slide down easily make the skin of the buttocks surface broken, in most cases, are minor skin abrasions, small wounds, may be a little blood, bleeding is not large, the abrasion may have something embedded or cut the skin. The baby only shows crying or complains of pain in the affected area, and soon returns to normal afterwards, without affecting activity and play and without abnormal expression. The affected area can be bumped, can be moved, and the limb can be flexed and extended freely. It can be judged as a mild abrasion, rarely needing treatment, the mother only needs to help the baby clean the wound and provide adequate comfort can be. But some babies have bleeding skin wounds, and that requires emergency treatment.


(3) Emergency treatment

Dirt on the slides abrasion wound may cause infection, so the need to adhere to aseptic practices can reduce and eliminate wound infection. Apply plain water, mineral water and tap water; wash the injured area to remove all dirt. Then cover with clean cloth supplies. Avoid the use of iodine, which is rarely protective and increases the baby's pain.

If the bruise is large, or if there is exudate, the mother had better use medical sterilized gauze to cover it. In an emergency, clean handkerchiefs, towels and paper towels can be used as substitutes to cover the bruise. The use of flour and toothpaste on the abrasion is prohibited. Note that if the bruised area is a finger or toe, do not wrap the finger or toe too tightly to avoid affecting blood circulation.



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