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How to install kids sliding toys?

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Beautiful kids sliding toys that all children like and will play with joy. But, if children slides in the installation that did not go through a careful check, missed some details, which will cause children in the process of playing accidents, such as loose screws, slides are not stable. So, today we will talk about how to correctly assemble the children slide.


(1) Please note the safety tips for the new indoor children slide set

Indoor children slides are a great way to provide an alternative option for active play when the weather doesn't match your child's regular outdoor schedule. While indoor children slides typically work on the same principles as any outdoor children slide, the safety issues that need to be emphasized indoors are different than the safety issues you'll want to keep in mind on an outdoor children slide.

Indoor children slides are becoming more popular as time passes, but there are still relatively few ready-made kits available for purchase and safe installation. As a result, many parents make their own children slides from scratch or convert outdoor models inside the house. This is perfectly fine, but may require some adjustments.

Unless you are hanging the children slide from an exposed beam, you will need to install eyebolts into the ceiling joists (you will need to use a stud finder to locate the eyebolts in the drywall). You can then install the children slide on top of these. Unlike a regular outdoor children slide, you will not be able to use eyebolts that go completely through the ceiling joists and are held securely in place by washers and nuts. As a result, the installation will never be as secure as it was before.


(2) Steps for assembling children slides

Installation of children slides should be careful not to easily ignore certain details, causing unnecessary trouble later. For the safety of children, ensure the precision of each installation step.

1, children slide in the installation, there must be a professional installation of the construction team to implement the installation and commissioning.

2, before installation, to review the children slide steel pipe bracket, the installation of the foundation location and elevation is accurate, and the height of the slide platform and the size should be carefully tested, to determine the parameters are completely correct, before the installation can begin.

3, installation, in strict accordance with the requirements of the relevant national norms for operation, and, before the use of the test pressure test, to ensure the reliability of the slide.

4, before use, to clean the surface of the slide, and, strictly check whether the inner surface of the slide has been smooth, found burrs and damage, timely repair and grinding to smooth.

5, after all the parts are installed, need to carefully check again whether there are missing spare parts, screws and fasteners everywhere are loose, etc., to ensure the safety of children playing children slides.

6, after all the checks are completed, the test slide, the process of sliding, reason should be no obvious bouncing and rolling and other phenomena, after all checks are correct, can be used.


(3) Supervise and leave plenty of space around the children slide

Once your children slide set is installed, it's easy to forget about it and let your kids use it without any supervision. This is a bad idea; children slides don't automatically become safe just because they're indoors. In fact, with limited space, hazards such as toys, debris or furniture are likely to come right into the children slide's vicinity. Children can be injured if they fall off the children slide or if the children slide breaks into an obstacle directly. Parents should always make every effort to supervise and need to ensure that the children slide area is clear and safe to move around in when someone is using it.



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