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How to maintain basketball stand?

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Equipment, like people, can also be fatigued. But people are alive and know how to self-regulate. Things are dead, it requires human maintenance to maintain a long time of normal use. Outdoor basketball frame due to long-term exposure to the outside, steel is easy to rust, if not timely repair, corrosion is serious, there will be perforation phenomenon.

The texture of the basketball stand is not strong, the use of the process is very dangerous, especially some elementary school students, like to climb the basketball stand. Such phenomena, once found should stop the use of the basketball stand.


(1) Regular inspection of basketball stand

Regular inspection, the most basic work of the basketball stand maintenance is regular inspection, the second annual inspection of the connection, welding parts of the rust degree and solidity, check whether the rack body paint phenomenon, whether there is rust phenomenon, check whether there are perforations. Once the phenomenon of paint should be promptly repaired, otherwise it will cause the basketball frame steel rust, corrosion is serious, and eventually the phenomenon of perforation. Rust and perforation of the part should be repaired and anti-corrosion treatment, where the welding parts are the most prone to decay parts, if loose or decay phenomenon to contact the manufacturer in time for maintenance and repair.


(2) Ways to maintain basketball stand

Use maintenance, the reasonable use of the basketball stand is also a part of the basketball stand maintenance work, where the basket is the most fragile part of the frame, in the process of use is very easy to be broken, must prohibit the use of bricks and other objects hit the basket. The same applies to the use of the basketball stand, the hoop of the non-spring type basketball frame is prohibited from dunking, and if the hoop is found to be tilted or broken. The basketball stand should be enclosed and prohibited from use, contact the manufacturer for maintenance or replacement.

Cleaning measures, as a kind of outdoor fitness equipment, long-term use of basketball hoop will produce dirt and other impurities. Thereofore, the basketball stand should be cleaned regularly. In the process of cleaning the surface of the hoop, neutral cleaning agents should be used to avoid damage to the surface of the hoop. Compared to the outdoor basketball stand, the main maintenance of the indoor basketball stand is cleaning, because the lack of rainwater natural clear, long time use of the basketball board is easy to dirty, so there is a need for appropriate cleaning measures.


(3) Other attentions

Indoor basketball stands because you do not have to worry about the wind and rain, the steel is not easy to rust, but there are disadvantages, due to the lack of rainwater natural flushing, use for a long time, the basketball board is easy to dirty, use a longer mop to clean.

Outdoor basketball stand steel exposed for a long time, once the paint is off, the steel is easy to rust, such as the discovery of paint rupture, should be timely repair, once the basketball stands rust serious, perforation and other phenomena, should immediately stop using.

The basketball board of basketball stand will not be broken under normal use, must prohibit the use of bricks and stones and other objects hitting the basketball board.

Non-spring basketball rim please prohibit dunking the basketball, if the basketball rim is found to be tilted or broken. The manufacturer should be contacted for maintenance or replacement.





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