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How to maintain children slides?

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For many children's entertainment facilities, slides are an excellent choice because they have a clever space design and bright enough colors to attract children to become sports entertainment.

However, prolonged use can cause damage and requires special care to ensure they provide the most trouble-free safety for your children. Read on for more information on what precautions can be taken to maintain slides.

(1) Types of children slides

A spiral slide is a slide which wraps around the central pole to form a falling spiral forming a simple color.

A wavy slide is a slide that has a wavy shape, causing the slide to slide up and slightly down while descending from the person.

A tube slide is simply a slide in the form of a tube. It can also be curved or have bumps.

A straight slide is a flat slide that just drops at a slight angle.

An amusement park slide is simply a larger version of a playground slide that is taller and has multiple parallel slides. Participants can be provided with a sack to sit on to reduce friction to increase speed and protect clothing.

Placement slides are slides with vertical or near-vertical placement (known as death slides or freefall slides).

A water slide is a slide where water slides down to create a slip and slide. It is found near water, usually in water parks or pools.

There are several other different types and styles of slides.

Slides can also be subdivided into freestanding slides, self-standing slides, or compound slides, which are slides attached to another piece or pieces of playground equipment.


(2) Why to maintain kids slide?

Children slides also need regular inspection and maintenance

Children slide is a comprehensive sports equipment, in the kindergarten, is the most favorite toy, nagging its safety issues are particularly prominent focus, the following to share with you how the children slide regular inspection and maintenance.

Children slide regular inspection and maintenance is because the children are active, inevitably so move when playing slide, where touch, resulting in some parts of the slide will appear loose or damaged, which is an important reason for the children slide accidents, regular inspection of the slide, can effectively avoid accidents, so the children slide regular inspection and maintenance is necessary, there is also a lot of children playing slide, the above will inevitably be dirty, but also to clean up in a timely manner, so that the health of children have benefits.


(3) How to maintain children slide?

As we all know, the wear and tear of amusement facilities is very serious. Children slides are a matter of children's safety, and their daily maintenance and upkeep is very important. The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance of children slides and maintenance.

The slides have loose connections to regularly check and tighten.

The children slide load-bearing components, stress concentration should be regularly inspected, the structure has no cracks produced as well as bending deformation, in order to timely replacement.

Regular inspection of the slide surface quality, found cracking, missing blocks, shedding, etc. to be repaired in a timely manner.

The slide should be covered with plastic cloth or coarse cloth during the non-use period to prevent aging, fading and cracking by ultraviolet radiation; the cracked slide should be repaired and replaced when necessary, and the slide interface should be dealt with in time when it is uneven, inverted tab or water leakage.

The metal frame paint layer should be checked during the non-use period to see if it is peeling and fading, and if it is peeling and falling off, it should be painted (or sprayed) to prevent corrosion of the metal surface, affecting the beauty and strength.

Regularly organize the safety inspection and maintenance of the whole park by year, season, month and before holidays.




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