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How to maintain children trampolines?

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Whether it is an indoor trampoline park or an outdoor trampoline park, there will be trampolines for children. In this article, the maintenance of children trampoline will be introduced, and I hope these maintenance knowledge can help you.

l How to maintain children trampolines?

l The company has all the trampoline park equipment.

How to maintain children trampolines?

Children trampoline equipment maintenance.

Fifteen days as a cycle to check whether the main body bracket is deformed and whether the support screws supporting the main body bracket in each area are loose and fixed immediately if there is loosening.

Daily check whether there are scratches on the trampoline surface, whether there are sharp substances left by the guests, whether there is excess garbage, such as scratches should pay more attention to whether there is a growing situation in the future, if there is timely contact with the manufacturer to purchase a new trampoline surface to replace, regular cleaning treatment of indoor trampoline surface, the treatment can be dried after wiping with a vacuum cleaner or wet towel, such as time is long and dirty can be directly under the padding items, above with flushing;.

Spring inspection (use 300,000 times): whether there is deformation; whether there is rust; spring static state, the spring is not stretched open can continue to use, there is stretching open indicates that the use period has arrived, the need to replace.

Trampoline soft package cushion: whether the surface is broken cracks, whether the seam is off-line, whether the sponge inside the soft package is displaced (with displacement open the zipper to rearrange the arrangement neatly), whether the soft package and Velcro stitching is moving without alignment (with movement without alignment re-adhesive alignment, pull neatly).

Between the wall and the equipment: check whether there is wall material falling off at the connection.

frequently check whether the children trampoline connection is loose, if there is loose should promptly notify the manufacturer to repair or do their own reinforcement to determine its normal use.

Children trampoline products currently have no national standards in China, so the current domestic production of children's trampoline products do not have national standards to test and supervise, indoor trampoline project is a recreational and dangerous coexistence of a sport, investors in the venue layout should pay the most attention to the safety issue, to spread the attention to consumers to ensure that nothing is wrong.

All the trampoline park equipment of the company.

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