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How to play the interactive archery game?

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With the development of the times and technology, traditional archery games can no longer meet the players' demand for archery. Therefore, interactive archery games have become the protagonist in the archery experience hall and are deeply loved and sought after by archery players. Next, we will introduce in detail how to play the interactive archery game?


Here is the content list:

The composition of an interactive archery game

Interactive archery game and basic gameplay

Game mode of interactive archery game


The composition of an interactive archery game

The interactive archery game is a new type of archery game that uses interactive projection technology combined with traditional archery, and uses large-screen projection equipment to bring players a new archery experience. In the interactive archery game, a real bow is used, and the suction cup arrow is made of silicone, which is relatively soft, which can prevent the player from accidentally injuring himself. And the content of the interactive game adapts to various scenarios, allowing players to feel immersive.


Interactive archery game and basic gameplay

The player faces the projection screen, draws the bow and shoots, and hits the start button in the projection screen. After entering the game, the player can choose to use the left hand to shoot the bow or the right hand to shoot the bow, which can be automatically switched according to the height of the player's hand. Generally speaking, the higher position holds the bow and the other hand holds the arrow. In the interactive archery game, the player uses the props to shoot the target on the wall. If the target on the projection screen is a target, the player's score will be calculated based on the number of rings in the target. If the target on the projection screen is another object, as long as the shot hits, the system will determine the player's score, and then the system will determine whether to pass the level based on the player's score.


Game mode of interactive archery game

The game can support 2 to 4 players in the archery competition interaction at the same time, and the game is suitable for any resolution. Therefore, players can choose the three modes of single-player training, two-player battle and four-player battle. The level of points obtained is different for different ways of playing. And the player can also choose the form of the archery target, which can be a fixed target, a moving bubble or an animal target. Generally speaking, the fixed target is relatively simple, suitable for archery beginners. The moving target is more challenging and more suitable for experienced archery players.

In addition, according to the form of the game can be divided into the following three modes. The first is the entertainment mode, where multiple players train together and do not compete. When the score is full, they will automatically enter the next level. The second is the competitive mode, where 2 to 4 players compete in archery together. There are four rounds in total. In the end, see which player has more accumulated points. The last one is the adventure mode. Some monsters will appear on the projection screen. Players are required to participate in shooting monsters. This improves the player's own shooting level and at the same time enhances the collaboration between players.

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