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How to polish plastic children slides?

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For kids, there's nothing more fun than sliding down a slide, whether it's at the park or in the backyard. However, over the years and thousands of slides, plastic slides have become less and less slippery, and therefore, less and less fun. But there's good news - you can do something about it! Read our blog to learn how to polish plastic playground slides.

Making the slide slippery again is a simple matter of cleaning it and applying a safety coating to it to polish it. Let us find out how to do it.


(1) Why to polish your plastic children slides?

Children slides have a long life, and while these sets are 95% maintenance free, sometimes you need to increase the speed of your slides. One of the main reasons that slides lose their smoothness is that as time passes, it gets dirty - that's why it's important to clean the slides first.


(2) How to make a children slide smooth?

The following are our recommended methods for cleaning and polishing children slides.

Make a cleaning solution: Use warm water and neutral detergent to make a cleaning solution. This will help remove any dirt stuck to the slides.

Scrub the slide: You will need to scrub the slide from top to bottom using a rag or a hand towel. Once there are no years of external dirt on the slide, rinse the soap solution with a garden hose.

Let it dry: You will need to let the playground slide dry before you start waxing or waxing it. This makes the application of wax easier.

Wax the slides yourself: This is one of the best ways to make the children slides slippery again. While you can remove the dirt from the slides yourself, waxing the slides can really make them look new again. To perform this operation safely, we recommend rubbing wax paper over the entire slide surface. The wax paper will transfer the food safe wax to the surface of the slide.

While wax paper is the preferred choice for polishing children slides, some parents prefer to use spray wax to achieve the same effect. Since the waxy surface of the slide will be in direct contact with your child's skin and clothing, make sure that whatever you use is non-toxic, non-irritating, and won't stain their clothing.

Sanding the slide surface (if needed).

If you place your hand on the children slide and feel numerous shallow grooves on the surface, they can slow down anyone traveling on the slide. To do this, you will need to sandpaper the sliding surface.


(3) Conclusion for our best children slide

Since we know how much outdoor fun a slide can be, we include at least one slide in almost every game scene. We make a lot of slides of different heights, lengths, twists and spirals.

Because World of Adventure play sets change as children age, many parents like to upgrade to larger and more interesting types of children slides as their children grow and demand a faster sense of outdoor excitement.

Our experienced dealers can help you find the ideal swing set for your child and your backyard. Whether it's one of our most popular swing sets or something completely custom, our children slides will make your child's dream come true. Contact us with any questions or needs you may have.



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