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How to use children trampolines?

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Whether it is an indoor trampoline park or an outdoor trampoline park, there will be trampolines for children. What is the use of children trampoline? These will be introduced in this article, I hope to help you.

l How to use children trampolines?

l The company has all the trampoline park equipment.

How to use children trampolines?

Notes for preparation before entering

1. It is best to wear soft and loose sportswear (preferably with long sleeves and long pants) and professional anti-slip socks. They are generally sold in trampoline parks, or you can bring your own.

2、Please pay attention to the safety tips before entering, understand the relevant precautions, read the admission instructions carefully and sign to confirm.

3, before entering the indoor trampoline park trampoline must first warm up, generally need to carry out 10-15 minutes of warm-up exercises, focus on the ankle, waist, neck, wrist and various joint parts, the field coach will lead to do warm-up exercises.

4, before entering the trampoline area, please remove jewelry, necklaces, earrings, glasses, hair clips, earrings and other foreign objects; forbid to keep long nails, wear glasses, girls need to use rubber bands to tie the hair (do not use hair cards), so as to avoid these objects in the process of sports injury to themselves.

5, can not bring fragile, sharp objects and items that cause personal injury to the body to enter.

6, children under 3 years old can not enter Oh, children under 12 years old need to have a guardian accompanied into the indoor trampoline area, not accompanied by the guardian has the responsibility and obligation to cooperate with the bed area staff to manage and regulate the unsafe behavior of children, those under 18 years old need to have a guardian to sign a safety agreement before entering.

7. It is strictly prohibited to bring control knives, flammable and explosive, corrosive substances and other items that may endanger the public safety of the venue and are expressly prohibited by our laws and regulations into the trampoline park.

8, a trampoline surface allows only one person to play, can not jump two trampoline surface in a row, can not chase play, push and pull, hit people, etc., shall not cross one or more trampoline surface in a row.

9, be careful when practicing waist injury, indoor trampoline sports injury is the most waist and ankle, because the impact of the fall is very large, so people without professional training practice trampoline bounce height can not be too high, must play according to their own ability, do not overly challenging self-inflicted injury.

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