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How to use indoor climbing wall?

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In many indoor playgrounds, there are indoor climbing walls, which will attract many rock climbers to play rock climbing. In this article, we will introduce how to use the indoor climbing wall.

l How to use indoor climbing wall?

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How to use indoor climbing wall?

1. Toprope

The indoor climbing wall Toprope is mainly used for practice in teams of two. First, along another channel to the top, tied to the rope and down, one end of the rope tied to the climber's waist safety belt, the other end of the rope in the hands of the protector. In this way, the rope protects the climber from above, with a strong sense of security, without worrying about falling, suitable for beginners.

2. Lead

Indoor climbing wall Lead is also a group of two people. The protector slowly relaxes the safety rope according to the climber's progress, and in case of a fall, the protector around the waist stops the rope and effectively protects the climber. Climbers are climbing side of the rope tied to the climbing wall bolts and other protective devices, just in case. Once you fall, you have to rely on your own strength to "rise again".

3. Bouldering

Indoor climbing wall Bouldering means "climbing huge rocks with bare hands", and nowadays generally refers to all climbing sports that allow flying falls. Climbing shoes other than any other equipment, can be described as the most original, the most natural climbing. The height of the rock is usually under four meters, and for rocks over four meters, the Toprope method is preferred, with safety ropes hanging from above. The padding for landing is laid underneath.

Indoor climbing wall preparation activities

Indoor rock climbing with the help of one-on-one protectors, safety is almost the most secure, but without good preparation activities, it is still easy to get injured during the climbing process. For example, a large leap, if the warm-up exercise before climbing is not enough, muscles and ligaments are very easy to strain.

Indoor climbing wall climbing wear

Loose clothing and pants that do not hinder the climbing is good. However, shoes play an important role when climbing.

Wearing the correct protective gear for indoor climbing walls

There is a lot to be said for wearing protective gear. Tied not too tight and not too loose, and the width between the legs to maintain a forefinger distance is the best. Too tight, it will affect the climbing posture, and too loose is easy to fall off. Before climbing, the first thing is to observe the rock wall in front of you, think clearly about the route up in a while.

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