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How to use indoor playground safely?

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With the development of playgrounds, not only outdoor playgrounds exist, but indoor playgrounds also gradually appear in people's vision. Many parents will take their children to play and exercise. In this article, we will introduce indoor playgrounds.

l How to use indoor playground safely?

l All of the company's indoor playground equipment.

How to use indoor playground safely?

1, go to the control room of the playground to see if there is a "safety inspection certificate" issued by the specialized agencies.

2、Before playing, pay attention to read the "instructions for visitors" of the playground, and strictly comply with it.

3, pay close attention to the child's every move, if parents are required to accompany the play, you must accompany the child.

4, in the play those need to wear safety protection device amusement project, must help children to wear a good seat belt or wear a good safety helmet and other safety protection device.

5, do not let your child to play those not suitable for his age, height, physique amusement project.

6, obey the command of the staff.

7, in the process of play, you must set an example and pay attention to safety.

8, do not let children to play those especially old, broken or rusty instruments, exposed wires, abnormal sound or abnormal shaking during operation, etc. amusement facilities.

9, free play area is crowded, let the children wait a little.

10、If there are particularly tall or naughty children playing, then also let the children wait a bit.

11、Do not let your child try to do some actions with danger, such as jumping from high places, rolling down or rolling back and forth, etc., if you cannot ensure safety.

12, before the arrival of emergency personnel, try not to change the child's body position. If the child must be moved, then the head and body should be lifted and turned together as a whole when moving, and the head and neck must be firmly supported.

13. If the child has a large amount of peripheral bleeding, the bleeding site should be sought immediately, and then direct pressure should be applied to the wound to stop the bleeding. Please try to dress the wound with what is considered to be the cleanest cloth at the time to reduce contamination of the wound.

All of the company's indoor playground equipment.

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