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How to use outdoor playset?

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In summer, many people like to go to outdoor playgrounds to play. Many parents take their children to outdoor playgrounds. Then in this article, you will learn about outdoor playset and how to use them.

How to use outdoor playset?

The company offers outdoor playground equipment.

How to use outdoor playset?

The outdoor playground equipment is outdoor and is often played with by children. In order to better serve and ensure the safety of children, it is necessary to provide an explanation of the application of this equipment so that adults and children can understand, read and follow it together.

1. Outdoor play facilities are only open to owners within the district, non-owners of the district refuse to apply.

2. Children's slides are only for children aged 3-12 years old, and must be accompanied by adults to watch over them and do a good job of safety protection.

3. All kinds of vehicles and pets are not allowed to enter this children's playground, including bicycles, skateboards (cars), skates, cats, dogs, etc.

4. Do not push or scramble when using the outdoor play equipment, but line up and follow the order and pay attention to safety.

5. In the application of the combination of children's slides, stop sliding down along the edge of the handrail of the slide, stop reversing the slide, crossing the safety guardrail or hanging outside the guardrail and other dangerous actions.

6. All users consciously cherish and monitor public health, do not allow children to urinate and defecate, littering peel, miscellaneous objects, etc.. Parents or accompanying persons shall be responsible for the cleanliness of any person who violates the rules.

7. All users of the playground should consciously treasure the outdoor play facilities and should not paint, draw or carve on the walls or play facilities in a way that is detrimental to public property.

8. It is strictly forbidden to move, dismantle or loosen parts of the equipment without permission.

9. Please apply the outdoor playground equipment accurately, and do not apply it in case of facility failure, damage or slippery equipment.

The company provides outdoor playground equipment.

Our company (Zhejiang Tuoqi Playground Equipment) can provide you with the different amusement park facilities you need. For example: family playground equipment, indoor playground equipment, trampoline park equipment, outdoor playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, inflatable toys for children and other amusement facilities. Among the outdoor playground equipment, there are mainly: forest series outdoor playground equipment, castle series outdoor playground equipment, villa series outdoor playground equipment, garden series outdoor playground equipment, space series outdoor playground equipment, fable series outdoor playground equipment, pirate ship series outdoor playground equipment, animal world series outdoor playground equipment and many other outdoor playground equipment.

If you are interested in our outdoor playground and Indoor Playground equipment, you can visit our company to have a look at our products. If there is outdoor playground equipment that meets your requirements, you can take it home and we will provide you with the best products and services. We wish you well in your work and good health.

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