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Is outdoor customize playground safe?

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If the outdoor customize playground is checked frequently and carefully, it is possible to reduce the damage of children when they are playing and secure their safety. Carefully check for trash, broken glass, and other hazardous items and debris. Other issues to check for include vandalism or other signs of improper playground use.


lWhat are the common misconceptions of the outdoor customize playground?

lWhat can secure their safety?


What are the common misconceptions of the outdoor customize playground?

① Fasteners such as screws, bolts, and nuts at the joints of outdoor customize playground facilities are easy to become loose. Due to the outdoor customize playground facilities to withstand wind, rain, sunshine, this kind of equipment loose situation is common. No matter which part of the outdoor customize playground is loose, it will cause great losses to children. Use the appropriate tool to tighten or replace.


② The welding seam of an outdoor customize playground is easy to crack and break. These kinds of outdoor playgrounds are placed in public places and can easily fail if used too much. The best way to avoid errors is to notify a professional or installer.


③ Outdoor customize playground screw plastic caps are prone to aging. Plastic can be damaged when exposed to wind, rain, and sun. If the screws are exposed, they can cause damage to children. Suspend the use of outdoor customize playgrounds. Remove the lid of the plastic cover, remove the screws, and replace it with a new one. Pay attention to the safety of yourself and the surrounding environment when disassembling. Swing plate, swing chain, swing buckle easy to wear. Disassemble and replace by itself. If the solution cannot be solved, please inform the professional or installation unit.


What can secure their safety?

① Age suitability and proper installation of venues and amusement equipment. Site preparation and installation of outdoor customize playground equipment can be handled by certified professionals.


② Environmental conditions. Recreation areas should be adequately shaded to protect the outdoor customize playgrounds from sun exposure, well-drained, visible from nearby paths, away from car and bicycle traffic, and isolated from water or other natural disasters.


③ Equipment design. Playground equipment should be reasonably constructed, durable, and designed with safety in mind.


④ Security audit and security inspection. Conduct safety audits and perform regular preventive maintenance inspections to detect improperly installed equipment, as well as any damaged, physically worn, damaged by vandals, or weakened by time damage.


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