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Safety matters for playing slides

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We want to provide you with all the information you need about children slides before you buy online. We want you to feel confident when purchasing your next children slide. Choosing the right children slide will ensure the safety of the children using the indoor or outdoor playground equipment. Slides can make your playground design more attractive and a lot of fun! Let us review the different types and benefits of children slides to provide you with valuable information to help you choose a slide.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of children slides:

(1) Slide Types and Variants

(2) What are the benefits of children slides?

(3) Suggestions for you and your child to play on the slide


(1) Slide Types and Variants

Commercial outdoor or indoor playground slides are one of the most common types of playground equipment. The slide components are fairly standard: there is a raised platform and a ramp called a slide that children can slide down. The two types of slide configurations are freestanding slides that are not connected to other playground equipment, and composite slides that are connected to other playground equipment. Slides vary in height, are usually made of stainless steel or plastic, and are often brightly colored to work with other playground equipment. Slides come in many different designs: straight, wavy, spiral, parallel (side-by-side) and tunnel are some well-known variants of commercial playground slides. When placed in a structurally sound playground design, they are considered one of the most popular playground attractions for children, but they have many other benefits as well. Let's look at three of the biggest advantages of adding slides to your playground design below.


(2) What are the benefits of children slides?

Promotes balance and coordination: When children climb on the slide and then successfully position and propel themselves down the slide, they are building valuable balance and coordination skills. In addition, it helps children develop spatial awareness as they must judge when it is a good time to slide down and when to put their feet down when they reach the bottom of the slide.

Current Healthy Physical Challenges: It's fun to climb and slide down a ladder over and over again, but it's also hard work! As kids pull up and climb the rungs of the ladder, they build strength in their upper and lower extremities. This means increased strength, healthy cardiovascular exercise, and lean muscle support and development.

Encourages positive social skill development: Everyone wants to use children slides! Why? Because they're so much fun! Slides are always the center of attention in busy playgrounds, which means there is always a wait to use it. When children play together, children slides are a great way to develop important social skills such as cooperative play, sharing, taking turns, and learning patience and tolerance for the skills and physical abilities of others. As they continue to develop, these skills will have a lasting impact on their social interactions, and all they'll know is that they're having a good time!


(3) Suggestions for you and your child to play on the slide

Before children play, they should be taught to take care of public facilities and not to write and draw.

Children try not to wear skirts to play slide, because of the role of friction, rubbing the skin pain, so the objects have friction, for example: tables, chairs, etc.

Line up to play, do not compete, one by one, everyone can play.

When playing, hold the slide by hand, do not slide backwards. The standard posture can do a better job of safety.

Before and after playing, wash your hands regularly. Tell children that public places are for everyone, not for one person, and to maintain good personal hygiene.



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