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What are the advantages of interactive handball games?

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The interactive handball game is a game based on the wall interactive projection system. The system capture device analyzes the target image system. After comparing the position of the goalkeeper, the player calculates the pitching direction, grasps the opportunity to see the direction, and throws the ball on the projection wall. It is full of fun. So, what are the advantages of interactive handball games?


Here is the content list:

Real experience

Combination of sports and play

Diverse game modes, rich experience


Real experience

The interactive handball game is a game that combines virtual and reality. The player throws a real ball to the projection screen, and the system calculates the score based on the analysis of the ball's speed and direction. Moreover, the game is judged in accordance with the requirements and standards of the event, and the cooperation of the virtual animation also gives the player a kind of immersive feeling. In the process of playing the game, there will be a feeling of really participating in the game. Therefore, the state of the game is getting better, and the players can also experience the tension and seriousness of facing the reality of the handball game.


Combination of sports and play

In addition to the requirements for individual skills in handball, the cooperation of all is also very important. Because the speed of this sport is very fast, in order to play powerfully, in addition to requiring good physical strength and excellent skills, cooperation is also the most important part. The interactive handball game allows players to train alone and exercise their handball skills while having fun. It also allows players to form a team to collaborate and exercise teamwork skills, and also allows players to get more satisfaction in team games. sense. In addition, the game also exercises the player's adaptability and hand joint movement, which enhances the player's physique.


Diverse game modes, rich experience

The interactive handball game has a single player mode and a multiplayer interactive PK mode. Players can choose to train alone to improve their handball skills. Players can also choose to engage in multiplayer interactive PK mode with their own partners to exercise their handball skills and resilience in teamwork. At the same time, the team will become more and more tacit in the PK process, and the relationship will become stronger Come closer and closer. In this way, what players get in this game is not only the fun of the game, but also the joy of improving their abilities and the joy of playing with friends.


The interactive handball game combines technology and sports, taking into account both fun and sportiness. It is a new business model with huge market consumption potential and good development prospects. TAKI PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of interactive handball games. It operates in good faith, produces products that are cost-effective, and has an excellent customer service attitude, which is an ideal choice. 

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