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What are the components of an interactive bowling game?

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The interactive bowling game is an ingenious combination of traditional bowling and modern technology. Because interactive bowling games are both entertaining and skillful, they are now more and more popular among players. So what constitutes an interactive bowling game?


Here is the content list:

Real fairway part

Virtual fairway part


Real fairway part

The real fairway consists of a 1.8-meter-long auxiliary walkway and a 3.65-meter front-end fairway made of real bowling alley boards. This real fairway is made of specially modified phenolic resin impregnated kraft paper and decorative paper made by a special process under a certain temperature and pressure. The surface layer of the fairway made in this way is subjected to special wear-resistant treatment, and the surface wear-resistant coefficient reaches 15,000 revolutions, which makes it have the advantages of high wear resistance, high scratch resistance, good mechanical properties, and high temperature resistance. At the same time, the fairway has clear lines, standardized signs, precise dimensions, and is not easy to fade. The unique sandwich layer composite surface of the fairway is thick and wear-resistant, can withstand the violent impact of a high throw ball without breaking and fluffing, and has a good anti-fouling and fire-proof effect. In addition, the fairway structure is balanced, and the levelness can be kept stable. The fairway also includes a high-tech electronic ball return system. The height of the lifter cover and the table are designed according to the characteristics of the human body, and the position is moderate, which is convenient for players to take the ball. The system has good stability and high accuracy, can automatically identify the ball, emits low noise, and has little wear on the ball.


Virtual fairway part

The virtual fairway is made using computer three-dimensional graphics technology and displayed on a projection screen above the fairway through a projection device. When the bowling ball is thrown by the player onto the front lane, the camera set on the lane will use image processing and pattern recognition technology to measure the position, speed and angle of the ball that will hit. Then, a dynamic three-dimensional image will be displayed on the virtual lane in real time to show the trajectory of the bowling ball. The interactive bowling game essentially realizes the real-time observation of the bowling ball's trajectory through the interactive screen between the lane and the bowling ball, and at the same time adds visual effects to enhance the player's gaming experience.


As a popular indoor interactive entertainment game, the interactive bowling game has more and more promising prospects for its development. TAKI PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD., as a manufacturer specializing in the production of interactive bowling games, its products are of high quality and low price, its production procedures are strictly standard, its design team is high-quality and innovative, its service attitude is excellent and its after-sales service is good. Therefore, if you want to buy an interactive bowling game, TAKI PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is worth considering.

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