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What interactive games can we play indoor?

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In indoor playgrounds, in many cases, children are playing on their own without the company of their parents. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce interactive games between parents and children in indoor playgrounds.

l What interactive games can we play indoor?

l The company has all the indoor playground equipment.

What interactive games can we play indoor?

Ball games

1. ping pong shooting game

If you love basketball, now you can play this "meal replacement". Make a basketball frame with a French fries box and a cardboard box, and use a ping pong ball as a basketball to shoot it.

This game can exercise the child's ability to control the strength of the hand, as well as exercise his patience. It may seem easy to throw in, but in fact it is very difficult. See how long it takes your child to shoot 10 balls? You can also compete in teams of two to see who throws in more balls in 5 minutes.

2. Soccer game

If there was no epidemic, we would be free to play soccer, run outdoors, fly kites, etc. at this moment. But for the sake of health, it is better to stay at home until the epidemic gets better. Smart people can always find alternatives. Now, let's make a homemade game of kicking a ball in a cardboard box.

Prepare a cardboard box, two wooden sticks, and ping pong balls. Cut out two holes on both sides of the cardboard box where the ball can be scored. Have your child draw two little people as soccer players or as themselves, parents, etc. and paste them on the sticks. Then insert the two sticks into the cardboard box, and now the game begins! This offensive station, see who is the final winner?

3. Color Ball Throwing

Since childhood we will teach children to know a variety of colors. In addition to the market out of the corresponding color blocks to teach children, you can also use the way to teach and play it.

If there are enough colored balls at home, then play this shooting game. Prepare four to five baskets and put a piece of colored paper on each basket, let the child throw the ball into the basket of the corresponding color colored paper. It's very simple, but it will make your child happy for a long time!

All of the company's indoor playground equipment.

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