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What is a desktop interactive projector game?

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Interactive projector games are a new type of entertainment that has gradually developed in recent years and are very popular in the market. According to different display methods, interactive projector games are divided into: desktop interactive projector games, ground interactive projector games, wall interactive projector games and window interactive projector games. Next, let's understand what is a desktop interactive projector game?


Here is the content list:

The principle of desktop interactive projector game

The attraction of desktop interactive projector games


The principle of desktop interactive projector game

The desktop interactive projector game is a three-dimensional game screen made and played on the designated desktop through the projection device hanging on the top to project the image effect to the desktop. People can touch the projection screen to experience the interactive game. This kind of game effect will continue to show changes as the player's hand changes. Desktop interactive projector games use a PC as the host for the game operation, and now generally use a dual-core host for control. Due to the scalability of the PC system, the desktop interactive projector game using the PC system also has strong scalability. For example, you can add games by yourself, connect to other devices in the KTV room, customize the rewards and points of the game, and design pop-up advertisements for the game. In addition, the maintenance and upgrade of the desktop interactive projector game are very convenient.


The attraction of desktop interactive projector games

First of all, the desktop interactive projector game is a new high-tech experience. It uses a new motion capture technology to enable multiple players to participate in the game interaction at the same time. You only need to touch or make an action to experience interesting and novel interactive games. Secondly, the interactive experience of this game is also particularly good. The desktop interactive game uses an interactive game system. In the game experience, the system's response is very smooth and sensitive, and it will not cause problems such as slow response and freeze. In addition, the desktop interactive projector game can also be accompanied by advertising, which can create more commercial value by changing the display content at any time. In addition, the desktop interactive projector game also has many exciting and vivid games. To meet the demand of entertainment players in consumer places, the desktop interactive projector game system is equipped with a variety of exciting and vivid desktop interactive projector games, which can fully mobilize the atmosphere. Finally, the game not only has a clear and good projection screen, vivid and exciting game effects, but also has a music module, which can automatically change the background music as the game changes, and it can also fully mobilize the player's sense of entertainment.


Interactive projector game is a combination of entertainment and commercial value. It can not only bring players different interactive experience effects, but also attract business people, thereby creating more economic benefits. TAKI PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in the production of interactive projector games. It has an excellent design and production team. The products produced are of high quality, interesting and novel, which is an ideal choice.

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