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What is a trampoline?

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With the development of thetrampoline park business, more and more people are paying attention to trampolines, and they will also participate in the trampoline park business. In this article, we will introduce some knowledge of trampolines.

l What is a trampoline?

l The company has all the trampoline park equipment.

What is a trampoline?

Trampoline is divided into two categories

Steel frame trampoline: according to the age is divided into adult trampoline and children trampoline

Adult trampoline: adult trampoline referred to as a bouncing bed

Children trampoline refers to the use of film material manufacturing tension and film inside and outside the air pressure difference to form the shape of the toy. Children trampoline deflated small volume, easy to carry collection. Children trampoline from the material points have PE film inflatable toys, PVC film inflatable toys, TPU, EVA environmental protection material inflatable products, sandwich mesh and Oxford cloth inflatable toys, rubber glued inflatable products, rubber-lined inflatable animals, and silicone injection molding adult inflatable dolls.

Children trampoline use help.

1, take off the white plug before inflating, after filling the air to ensure that the plug is correctly and completely inserted, do not dial off the plug when using.

2, when the children ride children jumping animal series inflatable toys, must have an adult to look after.

3, to a certain point, the children's jumping animal series inflatable toys will slowly shrink. Before continuing to play, be sure to re-inflate and reach a saturated state.

4, before playing with this toy, to ensure that there is no sharp objects or objects around or on the ground.

5, children jumping horse fitness toys for a child to play. Two children playing together is very dangerous, so do not advocate two children playing together.

6, when riding the children's jumping horse inflatable toys, two small hands to grab its two ears, standing on the toy or do not grab the ears is very dangerous, we also do not advocate.

7, avoid playing on uneven ground, steps or stairs. Do not play in places with fire or next to electric heaters.

8, do not use the children's jumping animal series inflatable toys as some kind of tool, it is only used to play

Inflatable trampoline: inflatable trampoline also known as inflatable castle, inflatable trampoline, inflatable toys, inflatable bouncy bed. With centrifugal fan blowing tension and film inside and outside the air pressure difference to form the shape of the toy.

All the trampoline park equipment of the company.

The company (Zhejiang Tuoqi play) has more amusement equipment, such as: family playground, indoor playground, outdoor playground, trampoline park, outdoor fitness equipment, children's inflatable toys, etc.. Among them, trampoline park includes: large trampoline park, medium-sized trampoline park, ninja warrior, etc.

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