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What is an interactive archery game?

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With the development of current technology, archery projects are no longer just traditional archery projects, but have become a comprehensive new one. Interactive archery games have become the new favorite of the archery experience hall. Players are also increasingly fond of interactive archery games. Next, let’s take a closer look at what is an interactive archery game?


Here is the content list:

Principles of interactive archery games

The composition of an interactive archery game

Features of interactive archery game


Principles of interactive archery games

The interactive archery game is based on the man-machine interactive archery system. The LED ultra-short throw projector projects the interface of the system onto the wall of the archery material. The player faces the projection wall and shoots the arrow. At the same time, the high-speed tracker will identify the position of the arrow. The archery system automatically recognizes the number of rings on the target according to the identified position. Count the scores and automatically determine whether the player has cleared the level. Sound and light arrows adopt new electronic technology, which not only retains the stimulating attraction of physical bows and arrows to customers, brings interactive sensory experience, but also effectively instills traditional competitive culture, and truly combines leisure and entertainment with teaching.


The composition of an interactive archery game

The interactive archery game consists of a clear LED ultra-short throw projector, a better performance computer, a high-speed tracker, a QR code scanner and interactive archery system software, bows, arrows and protective gear. In this way, the game can not only retain the real experience of archery, but also adopts high-tech technology to make the archery sport more interesting, and its score judgment is more accurate.


Features of interactive archery game

First of all, the arrow path, which is different from the traditional archery game, can attract more players' attention and early adopters. The record of the archery training of the interactive archery game is electronic, and its judgment is real-time, and its archery scene is contextual. Secondly, there are 13 levels of archery training. The first 12 levels are stepped difficulty training levels, which are precision training, speed training, and practical training. The difficulty is advanced in order, allowing players to gradually improve their archery skills. In addition, players can also use cloud data sharing to understand their global rankings, and also learn about archery enthusiasts in the community, and promote exchanges between archers.


Interactive archery game is a brand new interactive entertainment archery interactive game that integrates sports and leisure entertainment, which is deeply loved by archery players. Both ordinary players and professional archery personnel have obtained an excellent archery experience in this project. TAKI PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. specializes in the production of interactive archery games. The products are of good quality and the design is novel and interesting. It is deeply loved and trusted by the majority of players. In addition, TAKI PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. has strict production specifications and a high-quality management team. It can also customize products according to customer needs, and is equipped with excellent after-sales services. It is trustworthy and selected.

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