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What is an interactive football game?

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Interactive football game is a new type of football game. Players can use the system to simulate real kicking scenes and learn football skills. Because of its novelty and the authenticity of simulation, it is deeply loved by football fans and game players. Next, we will introduce in detail what is an interactive football game?

Here is the content list:

Principles of interactive football games

Game rules for interactive football games

Advantages of interactive football games


Principles of interactive football games

The interactive football game is realized through the interactive football system. Through this system, you can learn football skills such as toe kicking, arch passing, shooting on the inside of the foot, header and frontal shooting on the back of the foot. Under systematic teaching. Players can enjoy the experience of learning and entertaining, and their love and enthusiasm for football will be fully stimulated. And if it is a football fan who wants to play. But those who suffer from no practice can use interactive football games to satisfy their desire to play football.


Game rules for interactive football games

The interactive football system sets up a virtual football field. The virtual court is projected onto the wall through a projector. This virtual court includes a goal and a goalkeeper. The player first clicks on the projected "Start Game". Then stand at the serving point, facing the projection wall, aiming at the projected goal and shooting the ball. When shooting the ball, the ball kicks to the projection wall, and then the system senses the launch angle and direction of the ball, and analyzes and calculates this, and then determines whether the ball will be shot successfully, or whether it will be blocked by the goalkeeper and placed on the projection wall The trajectory of the ball is shown in the form of animation. Immediately, the score of the player's shot will also pop up on the projection wall. When the game is completely over, the total shot score and ranking will pop up on the projection wall.


Advantages of interactive football games

Interactive football games have many distinct advantages. First of all, the interactive football game has many functions, including somatosensory penalty kicks, somatosensory header corner kicks and somatosensory penalty kicks. Moreover, this game is both entertaining and authentic. Both football fans and ordinary players can feel the joy of playing football in this game, and their skills can also be improved. Moreover, this game also makes it more convenient to play football. There is no need to find a special football field or more people to play together, which makes playing football more convenient.


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