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What is an interactive loor system?

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Interactive loor system is a new type of high-tech entertainment and art display method, often appearing in exhibition halls and shopping malls. So, let's understand what the interactive loor system is?


Here is the list of contents:

Definition of interactive loor system

Principles of interactive loor system

The manifestation of the interactive loor system


Definition of interactive loor system

The interactive loor system mainly uses a projection machine to project a special picture onto the ground, and according to different designated picture commands, the contents of the picture on the ground will continue to change. For example, when people walk across the projected ground, the projected picture on the ground will change accordingly according to people's actions, making people feel like they are on the scene.


Principles of interactive loor system

The interactive loor system is an interactive projection project that integrates virtual simulation technology and image recognition technology, including expressions such as water flipping, avoiding and following. The projection system captures people's body movements through sensors, and then analyzes and feeds them back to the projection screen to interact with people. The various actions and responses generated on the screen are all prepared action data, combined with the user's action instructions, to generate interactive feedback effects.


Moreover, compared to other interactive projection projects, the interactive loor system is suitable for more diversified occasions. It can be used not only in large-scale events and tourist attractions, but also in theaters, product promotion meetings, and some celebrations. system. In addition, the interactive loor system is simple to operate, and can interact with multiple people, and is not limited by space. It can be adjusted at any time according to the size of the venue, which is both entertaining and artistic. Therefore, many advertisers like to use the interactive loor system for advertising


The manifestation of the interactive loor system

At present, the interactive loor system has many manifestations in the market. Among them, the more common one is fish-water interaction. The projection screen is a pond, and schools of fish swim around in the water, playing with each other. When a person steps on the ground, ripples will appear on the water surface to alarm the fish, and then the fish will swim around. In addition, ground football is also a popular interactive loorscreen, often appearing in shopping malls. Multiple customers can interact at the same time for a hearty football game. Other forms of expression are also various interactive loorprojection screens, such as stepping on hamsters or butterflies flying in the flowers, which are pleasing to the eye and lively and interesting.

The interactive loor system not only provides interactive display effects with creative content, but also promotes corporate products and images, and increases benefits for the company. TAKI PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is a manufacturer and supplier of interactive loor systems. Its design is sophisticated and interesting, and its product quality is excellent. It is loved by the majority of players and adheres to honest management, which is a very good choice.

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