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What is an interactive projector game?

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With the continuous development of technology, the ways of entertaining games are becoming more and more diversified. As a new type of game experience mode, interactive projector games are becoming more and more popular among young people. Next, let’s take a closer look at what is an interactive projector game?


Here is the content list:

Principles of interactive projector games

interactive projector game application

The main types of interactive projector games


Principles of interactive projector games

Interactive projector game refers to a game method that uses projection to play interactive games. The principle is to sense the player's actions in the projection area through the sensing system, and then analyze and calculate the player's actions to execute the corresponding game instructions. Therefore, the main core of the interactive projector game is the sensitivity of the sensing system and the diversity of the game design experience. At present, there are two main types of sensing systems for interactive projector games on the market. One type is single-point sensing, that is, only one point on the entire screen can be touch-controlled at the same time. The second type is multi-point sensing, that is, there can be multiple points on the entire screen for touch operation at the same time. For now, multi-touch has become a new direction in the development of interactive projector games.


Interactive projector game application

Interactive projector games are widely used to invigorate the entertainment atmosphere and drive the consumption of drinks, with strong interest, interactivity and playability. The successful development of interactive projector games is a major leap since the advent of projection games. At present, commercial interactive projector games are used in the following places: game halls, playgrounds, shopping malls, KTV, bars and nightclubs.


The main types of interactive projector games

The desktop interactive projector game is to project image effects to the desktop. Players can directly interact with the virtual scene on the projection screen with their hands or actions, and various interactions and game effects will change accordingly. Among them, the photoball battle is a classic interactive desktop projection game. In this game, both parties keep contacting each other with a high-speed moving ball for PK, and the player who drops the ball is the loser. Interactive desktop projection games can not only mobilize the entertainment atmosphere in the room, but also prolong the consumption time of customers and increase the sales of drinks.


The wall interactive projector game is an interactive game made through interactive technology and projection technology. The game makes players feel as if they are in the game and interact closely with game elements through the large game screen and realistic game effects. For example, Fishing Master is a casual wall interactive projector game. The rule of the game is that both sides of the game occupy one side and perform synchronous operations. The cool and beautiful projection screen and 3D effects in the game also allow players to enjoy a visual feast while playing the game heartily.


As more and more players pay more attention to the experience and fun in the game, interactive projector games have become the development direction of entertainment games. TAKI PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is a manufacturer and supplier of interactive projector games. The products produced are of high quality and full of interest, which are deeply loved by the majority of players.

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