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What is commercial trampoline?

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With the development of the trampoline park market, some savvy businesses will combine trampoline parks with commerce. In this article, we will introduce some commercial trampolines in trampoline parks.

l What is commercial trampoline?

l The company has all the trampoline park equipment.

What is commercial trampoline?

A commercial trampoline is a trampoline combined with a business.

In today's increasingly diversified entertainment industry, the commercialization of sports has gradually become the mainstream of the industry, and the new wave of business set off by the trampoline park is also on the rise, as both experience, entertainment, sports and other functions of the sports industry. The trampoline park industry is following the trend of constantly settling in shopping centers in large and medium-sized cities across the country, relying on prosperous shopping centers and facing various age groups in society to realize the diffusion from point to point. Sports and leisure and business are closely integrated, and a new business operation mode is realized on the basis of enriching the leisure and entertainment life of the public.

Based on the awakening of individual consciousness, such amusement venues as trampoline parks have turned from "necessity" to "strong demand" for everyone; individual differentiated consumption has been emphasized, and the entertainment industry has changed from " scale" consumption to "personality" consumption. When the mainstream society is accustomed to labeling people of different ages into post-70s, post-80s, post-90s and even post-00s, it often overlooks that this is an era of pursuing individuality. Everyone, whether for life or entertainment, is no longer as neat and tidy as in the past, but a hundred flowers to present. This is the basic characteristic of the new era of sports amusement.

The background of differentiated consumer groups, making the value of the individual is infinitely magnified, modern entertainment has developed from "one-way" to meet the "participation" in providing interactive pleasure. The mainstream trend of entertainment is to let individuality be released. In modern society, people's consumption concept is more fashionable and avant-garde than before, and the requirements for entertainment venues are more favorable to the integrated service mode of eating, drinking, playing, shopping and all-round, so the organic combination of entertainment with retail and catering is the development trend of commercial complexes in the new era. After all, customers generally want to get a higher level of enjoyment, trampoline park will be the king of the organic combination of different business mode presentation.

All the trampoline park equipment of the company.

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