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What is non-standard amusement equipment?

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Non-standard amusement equipment is a collection of personalized amusement products. As long as it is personalized and customized amusement products, it can be called a non-standard customize playground. So, what is non- standard amusement equipment? Don’t worry, let’s look at the following.


lWhat is non-standard amusement equipment?

lWhy does non-standard amusement equipment stand out in recent years?


What is non-standard amusement equipment?

The main products are non - standard slides, non - standard physical equipment, non - standard combinations of amusement facilities, a non - standard combinations of swings. Non-standard raft, non-standard rocking horse, non-standard sports equipment, non-standard water entertainment, non-standard naughty castle, non-standard drilling machine, non-standard wooden slide, non-standard rock climbing, and other non-powered amusement facilities. Compared with standard parts, non-standard amusement equipment is the latest category of the children’s amusement equipment industry. In recent years, it has developed rapidly and is known as scenic and personalized non-powered amusement equipment. This amusement device is uniquely personalized. The product is different from the previous standardized products which are based on the site design, design, development, manufacturing. Non-standard rides pay attention to form. It is a kind of artistic technique of sculpture, adding amusement equipment to the landscape form of amusement equipment. The non-stand outdoor wooden playhouse’s frame is galvanized pipes from 2mm-3mm. Its customized materials or standards are available. When you need installation, there will be professional cad instruction, assembly procedure and project cases; or engineer assistance.


Why does non-standard amusement equipment stand out in recent years?

What’s more, after the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, and the quality of life is getting higher and higher. OK, more to the real well-off life transition, non-standard amusement equipment to guide and cater to the hard demand of the market, the use of sculpture art means to achieve recreational functions. In addition, to bring climbing, climbing, sliding, walking, running, drilling in addition to the basic play-action, the unique shape can also bring tourists to the pursuit of beauty and happiness. Non-standard amusement equipment is a new type of amusement equipment in the market in these years. With its novel and unique appearance and novel and interesting gameplay, it has become an ideal choice for many young people to relax and feel the happiness of childhood.


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