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What is simulated golf?

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Simulated golf is a new type of entertainment that combines golf with modern computer technology, so that players can play golf indoors. Let's get a deeper understanding of what is simulated golf?


Here is the content list:

l Concept of simulated golf

l Simulated Golf System Software

l System composition and technical principles


Concept of simulated golf

Golf simulation is where players use real golf equipment to hit real golf balls. The software products of the simulation golf system use computer three-dimensional simulation technology and high-speed moving object intelligent measurement technology to simulate the real golf flight scene on the indoor large screen. In the simulated golf three-dimensional scene, the flight status of golf in the air is displayed in real time, making players feel a real experience.


Simulated Golf System Software

The software component of the simulated golf system is equipped with the latest GPS golf course software. This technology uses GPS data to obtain various parameters that are exactly the same as the real golf course, and then realizes three-dimensional simulation through 3D drawing technology. The system has high-quality immersive graphics technology, realistic bunkers, trees, grass, obstacles, etc., allowing players to enjoy the fun of the golf course indoors. And, in this system, there are a variety of modes to choose from, including practice field mode, putting practice mode, court mode, competition and competition modes.


System composition and technical principles

The simulated golf system is mainly composed of two parts: the golf course three-dimensional simulation and display part and the golf flight parameter infrared measurement part. The three-dimensional simulation and display part of the golf course is composed of a touch-sensitive graphics server, a high-definition projector and a special anti-impact screen with buffering effect. This part is a three-dimensional simulation display showing the golf course and golf course. The golf flight parameter measurement part is composed of a dual-channel infrared measuring device and a central controller. This part is responsible for measuring the initial speed, left curve, right curve, flight deflection, and elevation angle of the golf flight. These two parts work together. After the player hits the golf ball, the infrared measurement system dynamically analyzes the parameters of the golf flight. The graphics server dynamically simulates the flight trajectory of the golf ball according to the parameters and displays it on the large screen in the form of three-dimensional animation. The entire reaction process of the system is closely connected with the hitting action, which is very smooth, making the player feel that they are really playing on the golf course.


With the development of technology, simulated golf has gradually become popular, and people can enjoy the joy of golfing indoors. TAKI PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of simulated golf. The products are reasonable in design, exquisite in material selection, and reasonable in price. They are deeply trusted by old customers and loved by new customers. Moreover, the company's after-sales service is also very user-friendly. While providing a one-year warranty, it also provides lifetime software update services.

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