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What is soft playground used for?

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With the development of indoor playgrounds, soft playgrounds have gradually entered China, and the existence of soft playgrounds can be seen in many places. In this article, we will introduce the soft playground and how to use it.

l What is soft playground used for?

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What is soft playground used for?

The soft playground provides a stimulating, challenging, and reassuring fitness environment for babies. It is based on the physical and mental development characteristics of the baby, the use of modern technology, play vitality and imagination, in the happy play at the same time, the baby's body also get aerobic metabolic exercise. Over the years of continuous improvement and innovation, the soft playground has become more suitable for Chinese babies.

A soft playground is a place where children are allowed to play freely. Modern soft playgrounds usually have seesaws, merry-go-rounds, swings, single bars, double bars, slides, hanging swings, hoops, toy huts and mazes. These games can help children develop collaborative skills, get physically fit and learn life skills, and provide entertainment and enjoyment.

Experts believe that the social skills children learn in soft play areas will last a lifetime. Independent surveys have shown that playgrounds are the most popular place for children to spend time outdoors. Many forms of play are good for the mind and body, but children benefit more from free and real-time play.

Playgrounds also often have small adult sports facilities for children to play, such as baseball, skating, basketball or rope ball.

Sometimes, schools or other voluntary organizations also provide soft playground play facilities. In the past two decades, playground facilities have been changed to meet higher safety standards. For example, climbing frames used to be made of steel, but now the climbing frames will be constructed with less steel and more nylon rope mesh.

Children usually enjoy their time in playgrounds, however because soft playgrounds are always designed for adults, some of the games may not be appropriate for children's age or height, but regardless, playgrounds do provide a place for children to have fun and train their minds to a certain extent for healthier growth.

The idea of allowing children to develop fair play and good manners through playgrounds originally originated in Germany with playgrounds attached to schools, but the first public, freely accessible playground was actually provided in a park in Manchester, England, in 1859. As time progressed, other countries around the world began to adopt this practice of making play areas permanent.

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