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What is the Magic interactive push?

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Magic interactive push is a super popular and fun interactive game, which can also be used for entertainment by people of different ages. Its modes are diverse, and the application scenarios are more extensive. So, let’s take a closer look at what magic interactive push is?


Here is the content list:

l The principle of magic interactive push

l How to play magic interactive push

l Application of magic interactive push


The principle of magic interactive push

Magic interactive push is a physical therapy system with multi-dimensional virtual scene interaction. It uses a resistance ball with a diameter of 0.75m as the input medium. By touching the rotating sphere, it connects the real world and the virtual world in the most intuitive way to control the movement of the virtual character. It can stimulate the brain, arms, rotator cuff and torso muscles, and at the same time train movements, making training goals full of fun. The magic interactive push can bring players into a state where entertainment and sports are integrated, so that the players are immersed in the sports playground, and the players can relax physically and mentally to the greatest extent.


How to play magic interactive push

First, the player touches and rotates the sphere with his hand, and the magic ball rotates with the movement of the hand, so that the movement of the virtual character is controlled. And, in the game system, players can also collect gems to get points. The magic interactive push is not only suitable for adults, children can also play, you can choose single mode, you can also choose a two-player battle mode. During the game, it is very interesting to be able to find gems and open treasures.


Application of magic interactive push

The magic interactive push combines amusement and sports, which can not only get the effect of entertainment and relaxation, but also allow the body to exercise, exercise various muscles and bones, and sufficiently attract tourists for entertainment. It is not only suitable for indoor entertainment, but also as outdoor Entertainment devices.

The application scenarios of magic interactive push are very wide. For example, amusement parks, children's parks, parent-child experience parks, etc. can all apply interactive magic ball pushing. The entertaining and interactive nature of the interactive magic ball push makes the friendship and parent-child relationship sublimated in the game interaction.

The magic interactive push has the following two characteristics: one is a strong sense of participation and high entertainment, which is a game suitable for all ages; the other is a novel product that attracts players while also conforming to the trend of the times. As a novel digital sports product on the market, magic interactive push brings players a refreshing feeling. The fun games and immersive interactive experience also make the players unforgettable, and at the same time make the relationship between the people participating in the game closer.


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