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Where can the interactive loor system be applied?

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The interactive loor system incorporates a new type of entertainment technology, provides a new entertainment effect system, and can also add new forms of advertising. Interactive loor systems have been applied in many places. So, let's talk about where the interactive loor system can be applied?


Here is the content list:

Exhibition halls and museums

The mall


Exhibition halls and museums

The interactive loor system can be displayed in exhibition halls, science and technology museums, museums, etc. The organizer or exhibitors can show the advantages of their products, allowing participants to learn more about the product in the shortest time. In addition, it can allow visitors to interact with the product while admiring and understanding, which can stimulate their interest. Driven by entertainment and curiosity, consumers can't help but keep their feet and have a deeper understanding of the displayed products, which can make the exhibition more interactive, the atmosphere will be more joyful, and the development of the exhibition activities will be successful. . At the same time, the interactive loor system can also guide the direction and make the exhibition hall more orderly. In addition, the interactive loor system can also be made into a form of real-time interactive advertising, allowing visitors to interact with promotional content, which not only increases the visibility of the museum, but also deepens the impression of visitors to the museum. The museum is also pleasant for visitors while promoting.  


The mall

The interactive loor system can attract consumers to enter the mall for interactive experience, so that the mall has a stronger atmosphere, and also allows consumers to stay in the mall for more time. At the same time, the interactive loor system allows consumers to experience entertainment in shopping, and can absorb advertising information in entertainment, so that promotional activities are more intensely responded to, which can not only reduce the time for sales to reach, but also increase sales. Said to kill three birds with one stone.


Entertainment venues

Bars, KTVs, stages and wedding celebrations can all use interactive loor systems to enhance the atmosphere and add entertainment effects. Novel interactive effects will inevitably attract and guide the flow of customers. At the same time, good design and artistic effects can increase the interactive atmosphere for these entertainment venues. While entertaining, you can also appreciate the meaning of beauty. The interactive loor system combines fantasy visual effects with wonderful dynamics, attracting customers to participate in the transformation of interactive pictures and sounds, enhancing the inherent appeal of entertainment and leisure, thereby promoting consumption and re-consumption.


The interactive loor system can not only attract people, but also increase economic benefits. With the continuous update and development of the interactive loor system, its role in publicity and entertainment will become more and more powerful. TAKI PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. specializes in the production of interactive loor systems, has a professional design and management team, provides high-quality services and preferential prices, and can be customized according to the different needs of customers, which is trustworthy.

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