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Why children are drawn to children slides?

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If you actually go outside to any outdoor playground, you are basically guaranteed to see some sort of slide show. Not only that, but you're sure to witness lines of eager and excited faces! After all, children’s slides are exciting, fast and fun for kids of all ages! Why children are drawn to children slides?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of children slides:

(1) Why to slide?

(2) The Origin of Playground Slides

(3) Advantages of the children's slide


(1) Why to slide?

Most children are natural thrill seekers and will be fearless in exploring their surroundings as this is what they do for the majority of their learning process. That said, in a world surrounded by safety guidelines and behavioral surveillance, slides are one of the few places where children are free to experience high levels of adrenaline and fun without fear of potential injury or significant harm. You haven't heard of children getting hurt on slides very often, have you?

Ask any child which playground equipment they like best and we assure you that most of the answers are fast moving slides. So, why do kids love children slide experience so much? What are the advantages of a slide as an addition to an outdoor or indoor playground?


(2) The Origin of Playground Slides

Historically speaking, the first playground slides were designed with wood, which is certainly somewhat disturbing to consider considering all those painful bars that were sure to happen! Fortunately, this didn't last long, and metal slides were the new material used for slides. Unfortunately, metal slides can often break, rust or separate, which can lead to injuries. Not to mention, the shallow rails of these particular slides lead to additional safety hazards. In the summer it can cause the metal to become hot, which can lead to the risk of burns. With these issues in mind, metal slides are now very rare on playgrounds and, in fact, are banned altogether in many areas.

Today, you will find that most of children slides you see are made of rotatable molded plastic and offer quality safety rails with a non-stick surface. With this new approach to design, children can safely and simply enjoy a variety of styles of exciting descending slides.


(3) Advantages of the children's slide

Slides inspire confidence and exploration. Children slide action is both exciting and fun, but also requires courage to climb to the top of children slide structure to make the initial fast movement possible while sliding, which can take some time to get comfortable and confident. For children, it is an incredible accomplishment when they are faced with a terrifying high slide task and lower it to its lowest point with a smile on their face.

Slides are the ideal motivation for physical activity. To slide down that slide, you must first work your way up it!

Slides are inspiring for kids and inspire them to keep playing. So if that means sliding down, kids will climb almost anything. Often, due to the immediate stimulus, they simply perform this pattern of sliding up and down repeatedly over and over again. This constant behavior teaches children about balance, coordination and spatial awareness while guiding them to the top of children slide.

Children slides also teach children social skills and organization. Children immediately learn how to wait their turn and remain patient while those in front of them slide down first.


We have designed a range of unique, customizable slides for indoor and outdoor children's playgrounds.

If you are interested in starting your own children slide project and have questions about our designs and products, please contact our team of professionals. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent service.

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