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Advantages of commercial trampoline

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In many places, there are trampoline parks, and many parents will take their children into play and exercise. In this article, we will introduce trampoline parks and the advantages of commercial trampolines.

l Advantages of commercial trampoline

l The trampoline park site selection has the following categories.

l The company has all the trampoline park equipment.

Advantages of commercial trampoline

Investment in trampoline park, it is recommended to choose the place with dense flow of people or downtown, commercial center, downtown area, the location with convenient traffic, can choose in the vicinity of schools, residential areas, commercial complexes, training courses, kindergartens, early education centers, comprehensive entertainment venues, scenic spots and other environments where young people are concentrated.

1. The trampoline park industry has a wide range of audience

Trampoline parks do not have too many restrictions on the customer population, basically people of ages 3-50 years old can play. In addition to the regular ticket income, trampoline parks can also undertake various organizations and enterprises' group building activities, parent-child parties, birthday parties, events and other group activities, with a wide range of revenue sources.

2. Trampoline park has a unique sense of experience

Diverse and interesting entertainment experience, so that each player to the trampoline park can completely free themselves without restraint. Through the experience in the trampoline hall, the release of work and life pressure colleagues, but also to exercise physical coordination and intellectual development play an important role, entertainment and physical exercise.

3. The diversity and fun of trampoline park projects

Trampoline fancy dunking is bloodthirsty, with the trampoline elasticity instant substantial rebound, briefly out of gravity in the air to make a variety of movements after the basketball into the basketball area, so that many boys have the same superb dunking action and professional athletes, easy to achieve the dream of flying man dunking.

Devil's slide with a devilish height and ramp for players to slide down from a height instantly, feel the speed and passion, screaming and excitement; shake a very popular fall to the ground Netflix spider tower, close your eyes and lie down, the challenge of layer after layer of elastic net, the province of leakage and gravity fight; and a variety of interactive trampoline game, so that you are in the virtual scene, and the game plot into one interactive experience and so on.

Generally speaking, the trampoline park site selection has the following categories.

1、Commercial center

Advantages: high pedestrian flow and low promotion costs.

Disadvantages: high rent, area and floor height are restricted, subject to greater control by the mall, operating hours and actual management is more difficult to control.

2. Reconstruction of factories, warehouses, steel frame houses, etc.

Advantages: large area, suitable floor height, low rent, customizable decoration, and a comprehensive trampoline theme park can be built.

Disadvantages: relatively biased location, limited flow of people, and high post-promotion costs.

3. Mall atrium

Advantages: large flow of people, unlimited height.

Disadvantages: The venue is small, time control and site management are relatively difficult.

All the trampoline park equipment of the company.

The company (Zhejiang Tuoqi play) has more amusement equipment, such as: family playground, indoor playground, outdoor playground, trampoline park, outdoor fitness equipment, children's inflatable toys, etc. Among them, trampoline park includes: large trampoline park, medium-sized trampoline park, ninja warrior, etc.

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