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Attentions when using outdoor fitness equipment?

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It is necessary to guide people to use it scientifically, otherwise, it will backfire. In recent years, community fitness has suddenly entered community life. How to use outdoor fitness equipment has become a big problem. The reason is that there is no special community sports instructor in the community, which makes many people fall into misunderstanding when exercising, and affects users’ health instead. When using outdoor fitness equipment, you need to take action.

 What needs to be focused on during using outdoor fitness equipment?

1. People who regularly participate in physical exercise should master the speed of exercise. Generally, the pulse rate does not exceed 110 beats/minute, and the highest pulse rate does not exceed 120 beats/minute. Unlike Indoor Playground, comrades who do not often or do not participate in physical exercise must first choose outdoor fitness equipment that suits them.

2. Be sure to prepare for your workout and warm-up for 10-15 minutes. Doing so can prevent ankle sprains, lower back sprains, and nerve damage.

3. Do some finishing activities after your workout. Because people’s capillaries dilate after exercise, if they sit still on the ground, people’s blood doesn’t go back to the heart in the far part of their body, and they can feel heart suffocation. Older men with high blood pressure or heart disease need to walk and cushion for about 10 minutes after exercise.

4. Time your workout. Exercise for about 40 minutes each time, no less than 30 minutes on the left side and no more than 1 hour on the right side.

5. Seesaw: Hold the handrail with both hands, and swing the frequency not too fast or too large, otherwise it is easy to cause spinal compression fracture or coccyx in osteoporosis patients.

6. Space Walk Machine: Never swing too much. Especially in older people, muscle flexibility is poor. If your leg swings too much and goes too fast, you can easily strain the muscles around your spine. Therefore, the amplitude of the swing leg should be about 45, and the frequency should be controlled for about 3 seconds at a time.

7. Pedal strength trainer: prohibit hip osteocalcin in the elderly. The main symptom of osteocalcin hip is usually pain below the knee. For such an elderly person, the hip joint does not hold the weight well. If you start pedaling again, your extensor muscles may be damaged, making the condition worse.


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