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TAKI will provide the integrate solutions for amusement equipment,providing the customized design and service for customer based on different budget. Our service though all your whole project.

outdoor playground equipment

These are related to the outdoor playground equipment news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in outdoor playground equipment and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand outdoor playground equipment market.
  • What is outdoor playset?
    What is outdoor playset?

    In summer, many people like to go to outdoor playgrounds to play, many parents will take their children to outdoor playgrounds, but many people do not know what outdoor amusement equipment, so in this article, you will learn about outdoor amusement equipment what is it. What is outdoor playset?The c

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  • What equipment is needed in an outdoor customize playground?
    What equipment is needed in an outdoor customize playground?

    When choosing an outdoor customize playground, you will find that many different materials have been used in the structure. Customize your playground by choosing the surface and structural materials that suit your needs. The right playground materials are important when building or upgrading outdoor

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  • Attentions when using outdoor fitness equipment?
    Attentions when using outdoor fitness equipment?

    It is necessary to guide people to use it scientifically, otherwise, it will backfire. In recent years, community fitness has suddenly entered community life. How to use outdoor fitness equipment has become a big problem. The reason is that there is no special community sports instructor in the comm

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  • What is outdoor kindergarten playground?
    What is outdoor kindergarten playground?

    Let us play like the kids! Keep the kids' imaginations going on outdoor kindergarten playground while giving them endless hours of fun and physical exercise. Whether you're looking for an outdoor kindergarten playground, swing set or theater show, we have outdoor playground equipment to fit your yard and your budget. Kids will get a safe space to play and be entertained for years, and parents will feel good knowing their kids are safe and nearby to play.

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  • Is wooden children playground safe?
    Is wooden children playground safe?

    Adding a high-quality wooden children playground is definitely a good way to strengthen the community. It is born out of the concept of child-friendliness. The creation of children's play areas is from the perspective of the children's community and truly cares about their lives. Then there are the benefits directly reflected in the children's group. The wooden children's playground allows parents to let their children play with more confidence, which is more environmentally friendly, healthy and safer than other materials of wood.

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  • How to Build your Outdoor Gym Playground
    How to Build your Outdoor Gym Playground

    Hikids's industry first, multi-generational, mommy-and-me Expression Swings now come in four models! Add a bay of Expression Swings to your commercial playground equipment order, and parents and kids will flock to your parks and playgrounds. From toddlers to teens, there is an Expression Swing for e

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