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Can a mini trampoline help you lose weight?

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Jumping on a mini trampoline will not only help you exercise, but it will also help you lose weight. Mini trampolines are widely available in fitness centers, sporting goods retailers and department stores, and many models are inexpensive. Losing weight is just one of the many benefits of trampoline jumping (also known as bouncing).


(1) Why say mini trampoline can help you lose weight?

Mini trampolines are aerobic: rebounding for long periods of time increases your heart rate while burning calories. Regular aerobic exercise can improve overall health, improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen the muscles used in your workout. Mini trampoline rebounding increases your metabolic rate, which means you can continue to burn calories at a higher rate even after you jump.

Mini trampoline helps you burn calories: The calorie burn from rebounding can help you achieve your weight loss goals. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, jumping on a mini trampoline burns 7.2 calories per minute, which is equivalent to 432 calories per hour.

In addition, jumping on a mini-trampoline can bring many other physical and mental benefits. Repeated bouncing affects your balance, coordination and bilateral motor skills, which work automatically as your body responds to maintaining balance and coordinating movements during the jump. Because rebounding is a weight-bearing exercise, it strengthens bones and muscles, especially through repeated and constant powerful landings on a trampoline mattress. On the mental side, rebounding can help you improve your self-confidence and get a welcome break from a stagnant workout routine.


(2) Benefits of playing mini trampolines

Trampoline, a full-body exercise, in addition to the muscles of the legs to play a role in the exercise, but also to strengthen all the body's muscle tissue. Trampoline jumping, the total benefits can also be summarized as follows.

1. trampoline exercise can make the height increase. Trampoline sports can enhance the function of people's body organ systems and make children physically fit.

2. Trampoline exercise can exercise limbs and increase muscle strength. Trampoline sports can effectively strengthen the child's abdominal muscles, waist muscles, back muscles, limb support, and strengthen the exercise of lower limb muscle strength, a series of conditioned reflex training on the trampoline, through these tactile stimulation and muscle training, in the brain center to establish a connection, it can make the action becomes sensitive, the muscles become developed.

3. Trampoline exercise can promote cardiopulmonary function, so that blood circulation is accelerated, metabolism is strengthened, the heart muscle is developed, the contraction force is strengthened, and the function of the respiratory organs is enhanced, which has a good effect on the prevention of common respiratory diseases.


(3) Cautions of playing mini trampolines

Trampoline bile reduction effect is particularly good. But before doing exercise, must do a good job warming up, otherwise it is easy to cause muscle sprain phenomenon, and exercise must adhere to, to exercise more than half an hour a day to be able to achieve the role of fat consumption, weight loss period must pay attention to their diet, absolutely cannot eat too fatty things, but also appropriate to go for a walk outdoors. Rebounding is only possible if you burn off more calories than you consume to lose weight. Since each pound is worth 3,500 calories, your body needs to burn off an additional 3,500 calories, which is more than the calories consumed in a weight loss routine. This means you have to dance for at least 8 hours to burn a pound of weight. But you cannot be too tired.

Jumping on a mini trampoline also comes with some safety precautions. The trampoline needs to be stable, steady and sturdy enough to support your weight and bouncing power. You also need enough jumping space, high ceilings and enough room around the trampoline to avoid hitting any windows or walls.



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