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Garden trampolines for family fun

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Trampoline exercise is both fun and good exercise. You can do it alone or with your family. Many older adults sometimes giggle as they jump, harkening back to a time when they would have been more carefree in their youth, when they would use the trampoline in gym class or play on the trampoline in the neighbor's yard.

Trampolines also have tremendous health benefits - what's stopping you? Contact us to choose the best trampoline for you and your family!


(1) High health benefits of trampolines

According to NASA, the keys to healthy weight loss and weight maintenance, deadly abs and better flexibility must actually go back to the elastic castle of childhood parties.

NASA knows a thing or two about the ideal training regime. Astronauts in space need to exercise for up to two hours a day to prevent wasted muscle and bone loss, and for obvious reasons, trampolines are not the preferred form of exercise for missions, while astronauts need to build stamina and endurance before launch, which is where the huge micro-lift happens. This is why and how trampolines improve fitness gains for us mere mortals on the ground.


(2) Trampolining is as effective as running and has minimal impact on your joints

Once you've used the regular route all week at lunchtime, it can make you feel a little tired. Fortunately, NASA defines trampolining as 68% more effective than running, and 20 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to an hour of running. While it's a high-intensity workout, the fact that the trampoline and the rim absorb energy means that it has little impact on your joints, unlike pounding the sidewalk.


(3) Trampolines don't make you feel like you're exercising

Trampolines give you those childlike thrills and adrenaline rush, and bouncing to the beat is pure, unadulterated joy. While you'll definitely need to pause for water and recovery breaks, you won't need a pep talk to get back on the trampoline. You'll also be buzzing for hours afterwards, and as a stress buster, the potential for laughter coupled with the fact that you have to be careful to avoid getting your trainer into a spring means it's the perfect way to wake up or relax.


(4) Use the trampoline to help you improve your coordination

You may sometimes lose control of your legs. You may stumble and fall, but a little practice will make the limbs more agile and the whip and brain organism more coordinated. We're not necessarily talking about the precision of synchronized swimmers, but you may notice improved performance on the dance floor at future weddings.


(5) Trampolines can improve your blood circulation

As a side effect of the "sweat bucket," if you're not flushed after making your best trampoline cheerleading impression, you're a reptile. Bouncing pumps blood faster than almost any other aerobic exercise, which helps oxygen merge and deliver nutrients to the body's organs to keep them functioning optimally.


Before venturing into this area of trampolining, determining your skills is key. It may feel like you want to jump into the air like a kid, but it's the opposite when it comes to rebounding. You want to jump off the rim, keep your core strong, and the strength in your legs keeps dropping. You may feel like Bambi on your first try, but you'll get used to it! Come check out the trampoline we have for you!

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