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How to choose your trampoline?

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If you're looking for tips on how to choose a trampoline, then you've come to the right place. People make mistakes when buying their first trampoline, and this often leads to them having to spend more money to fix the problem! You can avoid these mistakes and potentially keep more money in your pocket if you do some research beforehand, make sure the people using the trampoline are safe and that everyone can have fun!

People often make mistakes when buying trampolines, read on and you'll soon learn how to choose a trampoline and avoid these problems!


(1) Make enough space for your trampoline

The first thing to determine when choosing a trampoline is backyard space. When you plan to add a trampoline to your backyard, bigger isn't always better. If space is limited, then a trampoline that is too large can hit trees, decks or other obstacles. This can result in damage to the trampoline enclosure or create a hazard around the trampoline.

For more basic safety tips, read the Trampoline Safety Tips Guide. When you are considering a trampoline, measure the width and depth of your yard and check against the size of the trampoline, not the size of the mat. If you are under space constraints, you can choose an oval trampoline from one or which springs under the trampoline making the diameter smaller than other trampolines it!


(2) Research the need for an enclosure

Enclosures are recommended by health professionals and trampoline manufacturers. They can virtually eliminate fall injuries caused by children bouncing off trampolines. Many also ensure that those jumping don't get caught in the springs. When researching the best trampoline for your family, consider how the enclosure will be attached to the trampoline and whether it will be attached to the mat or to the outside.


(3) Always check for availability of spare parts

Trampolines are not designed to last forever. These days are nothing, but if you don't want to spend time in the backyard after a few seasons, make sure the trampoline you buy is stocked with spare parts available from the manufacturer. The easiest way to do this is to search the Internet and check websites and parts lists.

Once you receive your trampoline, keep a copy of the instruction booklet with the brand and parts list so you can easily get replacements later if you need them!


(4) Check weight limit of the trampoline

While it is recommended that trampolines jump one jump at a time to prevent injury, the truth is that kids like to jump together. If a few more teens are added, the weight may rise quickly. For trampolines that are not designed for high weight limits, this can mean sagging mats and overstretched springs. Keep this in mind when you invest in a quality trampoline.

If you live in an area with snow, it is also important to winter-proof your trampoline. Snow can be very heavy and can damage springs and mats!


(5) Check what's included with your trampoline purchase

Some trampolines come with ladders, basketball hoops and other accessories. Some do not. When comparing the cost of trampolines, make sure you check what you are getting before you buy. If yours doesn't come with wind stakes, consider buying wind stakes for windy days, otherwise the trampoline (or house!) may be damaged.

Some trampolines also require you to purchase a separate ladder. Taking some extra time to do your research will ensure you don't get frustrated when installing your trampoline! Other popular accessories for trampolines are trampoline bounce boards.



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