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How to maintain exercise body training equipment?

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With the wrong use or the incorrect maintenance of exercise body training equipment, that equipment may not be useful and helpful to us anymore. So, it is necessary for us to maintain this kind of equipment correctly. But some people don’t know how to maintain the exercise body training equipment. Don’t worry, let’s look at the following and you’ll know.


How to maintain exercise body training equipment?

The attention to the maintenance and maintenance of exercise body training equipment needs to be properly maintained to be able to use longer, but also in use is safer. To avoid the risk of sports, in addition, can also reduce the cost of maintenance, in short, the maintenance of exercise body training equipment is very necessary.


① The oil of the moving parts is used in the outdoor fitness equipment, which is more lubricated with grease, and most of them are fully sealed. It is best to change the oil for the maintenance of this kind of equipment once a year. It should be specially pointed out that outdoor equipment is not suitable for thin oil lubrication.


② Moving clearance of moving parts: Exercise body training equipment in maintenance should check the movement clearance of the moving parts, due to the use of too long time or high frequency of use caused by too large movement clearance, should immediately replace the relevant parts, or notify the relevant manufacturers


③ The fastener loss: Outdoor fitness equipment generally adopts fasteners with anti-loose structures, but some devices do not use fasteners with anti-loose structures when they are installed. Users should put forward to the relevant manufacturers in time when they encounter such situations. The anti-loose structure of fasteners can be divided into detachable anti-loose structures and disposable anti-loose structures. The two structures should be separated before maintenance.


④ Rust and corrosion prevention: Community fitness equipment is generally installed and used outdoors, so rust maintenance work should be carried out once a year. In the process of rust prevention and maintenance, attention should be paid to the paint on the original equipment after grinding clean to refresh the paint. In addition, according to the characteristics of dynamic equipment, cleaning and degreasing should be done around the moving parts to ensure the bonding strength between paint and equipment.


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