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How to play indoor ball?

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One of the most popular indoor playgrounds is the indoor ball pool, where many parents and children will go in and play. So in this article, we will introduce how to play indoor ball.

l How to play indoor ball?

l The company has all the indoor playground equipment.

How to play indoor ball?

These indoor ball games are more and more enjoyable for children

Due to the epidemic, there are few opportunities for children to play outdoor sports, but life is about sports and physical exercise cannot be stopped. During this special period, we recommend some indoor ball games that are safe and can exercise your child.

1、 Basket throwing

Prepare a basket for the child and some ping pong balls, let the child some distance from the basket, and then take the ping pong balls and throw them into the basket. Although this game looks simple, but the child operation is not necessarily a hundred shots, through this game can help children to improve the ability to control the distance, as well as the ability to control their own strength.

2、Moving basket catching ball

This requires parents to play with their children. I let the child stand on one side, I hold the ball, the child holds a blue, or a cardboard box. I throw the ball up, the child with the basket to catch the ball, can not touch the hand, but can use the head to top, and finally can only use the basket to catch. This game can exercise the child's hand-eye coordination, and reflective speed.

3、Smash the letters or colors

This game not only exercises the child's gross motor skills, but also allows the child to recognize letters, Chinese characters, words or colors more quickly.

Use colored paper, write letters, characters or words on the paper with watercolor pencils, and tape the paper to the wall/door, or the floor. If the child is older, the paper can be more complex, such as the top and bottom lines of a Chinese poem or an arithmetic equation.

Pay attention to the height or distance when taping. Then, after using paper tape to draw a line on the floor, parents call out the name on the paper and let the child aim the ball at the letter or color and smash it.

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