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How to use basketball stand?

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Want to bring the excitement of the basketball court to your home? A portable basketball stand can be a great option for playing basketball games with friends or playing a simple scoring game with your family.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of basketball stand:

(1) How to deal with your basketball stand?

(2) Add water to your basketball stand

(3) Add sand to your basketball stand

(4) Add Base Gels to your basketball stand

(1) How to deal with your basketball stand?

Once you find the right portable stand and take it home, don't forget the most important step of all: filling the base. It is critical to properly fill the base to help improve the stability of the basket during games and in windy weather.

There are two common ways to fill a basketball stand: with water and sand. The instruction manual you receive with your stand will tell you to use one of these. You can also use a base gel that is mixed with water to form a solid.


(2) Add water to your basketball stand

Adding water to the base is as easy as hooking the hose over the base hole. This is a cheaper and easier option than sand. If you plan to move the rings around a lot, then water is a good choice because you can easily empty them from the base.

When using water, you can take a number of steps to improve stability and keep the base strong.

Adding a small amount of bleach to the water can help prevent algae from growing in the base.

If you live in an area with cold winters, the water in the base may freeze and expand. This can cause the base to break. To avoid this, add a small amount of non-toxic antifreeze. You can also empty the base during the colder months and store it indoors.

Water can evaporate and make the stand unstable, so checking the water level regularly is key.

Check the base for leaks over time. This can help keep you upright during play.

(3) Add sand to your basketball stand

Sand is thicker than water and heavier per gallon, so it can help add stability. However, while this may make the stand more stable, sand can also make the stand difficult to move.

Another disadvantage of sand is that it is difficult to add (especially when wet) and even more difficult to get out of the bottom of the stand.

Many stand owners choose "play sand" (such as the kind used to fill children's sandboxes) to fill the base because it can be smoother and more uniform. Using a funnel when filling the base helps reduce the chance of spilling sand.


(4) Add Base Gels to your basketball stand

A third option for stands is a special gel for stabilizing bases. Made from an absorbent polymer, you would mix the gel with water. This mixture can be turned into the equivalent weight of several bags of sand. Designed to resist both mold and freeze-thaw, the base gel will last for years. Once firm, it can also resist small holes or cracks that could lead to leaks.

No matter what you use to fill the base, it is always a good idea to have two adults move the portable stand if needed. It is also recommended that you do not use heavy objects, bags of cement or bricks to hold the stand down.


Now that you know what to do to keep the portable stand firmly in place on the floor and have a solid foundation for your basket, you can focus on hitting long-range triples or defending legendary jumpers in your next home pickup game.

What is more? Our full production line can also provide customers with high-quality indoor playground equipment and products for preschool education.

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