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How to use indoor soft playground?

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In many large supermarkets there will be indoor playgrounds exist, many parents will take their children in to play and exercise. In this article, we will introduce soft playgrounds and how to use them.

l How to use indoor soft playground?

l All indoor playground equipment of the company.

How to use indoor soft playground?

Soft playground is mainly a new concept of Japanese and Korean soft electric equipment, usually equipment including coconut trees, balloon houses, seascape waterbeds, inflatable rock climbing, etc. Only after 2008 gradually popularized in China, more advanced in concept and adaptability.

Soft playgrounds are specialized in providing professional educational services for children aged 0~6 years old to grow up, unlike other amusement institutions, children's playgrounds must take the safety of children as the first priority. Mostly located indoors, and through some creative play equipment and the clever use of sound, light, air, water, color combination to achieve the purpose of entertainment early education exercise children.

Generally for 0 ~ 6 years old children to provide professional education services required for growth, to carry out a variety of courses, such as three-dimensional paper-cutting, art, music, English, dance and other preschool education, and by the practical experience, deep knowledge of theory, the various professional faculty support. Through the scientific and systematic curriculum arrangement, supplemented by the international advanced education mold, so that children in the play to accumulate scientific basic knowledge, learn to find problems, looking for experience approach, and then master the ability to solve problems.

Parents should pay attention to safety and protection before taking their children to play. To try to choose large, good health conditions, entertainment facilities have security, management of children's playgrounds more standardized and perfect; play before parents should first familiarize their children with the playground environment, pay attention to play instructions, especially some limit to the terms of whether there are unsafe factors, to understand the use of facilities warning clause tips content, in order to play to help children avoid the risk. In addition, parents should help their children choose the right play facilities.

At the same time, parents should also fulfill their children's guardianship. Care and watch over their children, timely detection of possible safety hazards, such as casino play children more, parents should promptly avoid causing mutual collision injury. Once there is personal damage in the playground, should be the first time to get in touch with the operator, pay special attention to the evidence request, at the same time, you can ask the operating service party to send personnel accompanied to the hospital, consumers should keep all the relevant bills of consumption and injury treatment, as well as other proof of compensation costs, in order to claim from the business with justification.

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