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Indoor trampoline height and weight limit guide

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In the development of the trampoline park business, indoor trampoline parks have gradually entered people's field of vision. Some people will choose a site to use as an indoor trampoline park. So as an indoor trampoline park, what are the restrictions on its height and width? This will be introduced in this article.

l Indoor trampoline height and weight limit guide

l The company has all the trampoline park equipment.

Indoor trampoline height and weight limit guide

If I want to open a trampoline park, what things should I pay attention to?

Investing in a trampoline park, the site is the top priority and a necessary condition for successful operation. It can be said that the trampoline hall site selection is good, trampoline park investment back to the success of 50%. The choice of site needs to grasp the hardware and software requirements, while doing market research. There are many elements that need the attention of investors when looking for a site in the trampoline hall, which should be prioritized in the trampoline park site selection. The trampoline park is a risky but profitable return on investment, so it is necessary to do market research on the site.

Venue height

For children's venues, the net height of the venue should reach 4.5m; for adults, it is recommended that the net height of the venue should reach 6m or more. We recommend the net height of the venue for more than 6m, so that not subject to age restrictions, and some of the higher height requirements of the project is not restricted. (Dry snow slide project itself has reached a height of 6.5m high, so the minimum height of the site needs to be at least 8m) below 4m is not recommended to do trampoline park (depending on the area of water small, such as 100-300 square meters in about 3.8m can also do). The trampoline frames currently on the market are about 0.8-1 meters above the ground.

Site ground and column

The ground of the site needs to be flat, and the columns are as few as possible. The less the better, the greater the distance between columns the better (greater than or equal to 6m). No pillar is the best.

Site entrance

The entrance is to the wide side.

Site shape

Rectangular site is the best, not recommended for deformed sites (round, other irregular shapes).

Site area

If for the age of 3-10 years old, you can do 200-500 square meters; if for all ages, it is recommended to be more than 600 square meters. Indoor trampoline site size we recommend 600-2000 square meters or more, can make the best customer experience and thus quickly bring profit. It is worth mentioning that in a comprehensive indoor trampoline, the trampoline equipment itself generally accounts for only 55% to 70% of the entire site, and the rest is used for supporting facilities, such as cafes, viewing tables, receptions, etc.

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