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Is wooden children playground safe?

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Adding a high-quality wooden children playground is definitely a good way to strengthen the community. It is born out of the concept of child-friendliness. The creation of children's play areas is from the perspective of the children's community and truly cares about their lives.

Then there are the benefits directly reflected in the children's group. The wooden children's playground allows parents to let their children play with more confidence, which is more environmentally friendly, healthy and safer than other materials of wood.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of wooden children playground:

(1) Special design of wooden children playground

(2) What should I pay attention to when my children play in outdoor playground equipment?

(3) Conclusion and advices

(1) Special design of wooden children playground

The wooden children playground play area can give children more space for activities, so that they can release their own vitality, instead of staying at home, playing on the computer and watching the mobile phone.

Wooden children playground is a playground built for older children. Children of this age are still actively exploring the world around them, and have not developed the strength and motor skills of older children. Therefore, children of this age need to be equipped with safe equipment.

The wooden children playground has age-appropriate equipment and activities.

In particular, it is best to design children's playground equipment independently for children under the age of 5, which must not only attract their senses, but also be safe and attractive.

Wooden children playground should not rely on children to climb high or participate in activities that are too complicated or difficult for them. Preschool outdoor play equipment with animal themes, bright colors, natural themes and interesting sounds can make children happy and help them learn at the same time.

For young children, paving is very important, because at this age, children still easily lose their balance. Loose filling, cast-in-place surfaces, and several other options are all worthy of consideration due to their safety. Sun shading can also be an important design consideration. It can help you protect young children from the hazards of prolonged exposure to the sun that may be hot when they come in contact with games and playground equipment.


(2) What should I pay attention to when my children play in outdoor playground equipment?

Swing: Children love to swing, so parents must instruct their children, hands to keep a firm grip on the rope of the swing, when not playing, to wait for the swing to stop completely before coming down. Also tell the child, via the swing next to the swing, must go around, or will be swinging up the swing hit.  

Teeter-totter: Teeter-totter requires two children to play together, so if you do not want to play, tell each other first, otherwise one party down, the other party is not prepared, it is likely to be severely fallen.

Slides: play slide is easy to have problems is that children do not have the distance to slide down one by one, if there are many people, the mouth of the slide will begin to stack up. To tell the children if there are children in front, to wait for children to slide down and then slide, slide immediately after getting up and leave, and do not climb up from the exit of the slide. 

Trampoline: jumping on the trampoline, is a game that many children like to play, but it has many safety hazards. As jumping trampoline, children sometimes land unstable, will fall on the trampoline, if there are many people, there is a risk of being stepped on by children. So, if there are too many people, do not let children play.


(3) Conclusion and advices

Parent-child activities inside outdoor or indoor playground equipment are very helpful. But it's also important to be safe. You can find the outdoor playground equipment you are looking for with us. If you need it, contact us directly!



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