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Kids trampoline safety

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The rich development of material life has made many parents pay more attention to their children's spiritual satisfaction, which has stimulated the explosion of children's entertainment and leisure industry. A variety of entertainment venues, as well as entertainment projects, are emerging, and parents can use weekends and breaks to take their children to relax and play. Kids trampoline park is a kind of indoor playground where both adults and children can play, attracting many adults and children.

Trampoline is a sport and an entertainment activity with various ways to play, both professional and amateur. In addition to the endless fun, also has a certain danger exists, how can we play at the same time, to reduce or avoid the occurrence of safety hazards.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of kids trampolines:

(1) Is it safe for adults to play with children in kids trampoline park?

(2) Choices

(3) Another name - bouncy castle


(1) Is it safe for adults to play with children in kids trampoline park?

There are many different ways to play kids trampoline, but some kids trampoline is not suitable for young children, so trampoline hall staff need to remind children whether they can reach the age of this project at this time. Play kids trampoline need to wear seat belts, because the seat belt is an effective way to protect children's safety.

Children should not be crowded when playing with kids trampoline, and they need to play in an orderly manner according to the instructions of the venue staff. Of course, children's safety awareness is poor. If you want children to play kids trampoline in an orderly way, trampoline staff need to put more energy into giving order to maintain.

The trampoline park staff should give more instructions, make more rounds and check more often. Children play need the company and careful care of parents, parents in the company of children, please put down the phone, pay more attention to the behavior of children, both to ensure the safety of children, but also to bring more fun to children.


(2) Choices

Worried about the safety of the trampoline park outside? That's okay. You can use the home children's trampoline. We offer a wide variety of trampolines. You can visit our website for more information.


(3) Another name - bouncy castle

Kids trampoline, also known as a bouncy castle, is the use of centrifugal fan tension and air pressure inside and outside the film to form a toy, inflatable bed good storage, open like a castle, is the children's favorite. Generally suitable for children aged 3-16 years; inflatable time generally takes 3-5 minutes, the exhaust time is slightly longer, it takes 10-15 minutes.

Kids trampoline material is used to add the net of pvc material through the processing of equipment, its unique castle and other fairy tale scene modeling, so that children in the process of playing in a fairy tale like world.

First, let's understand the material of the inflatable bed, the inflatable bed material is plus net pvc or plastic and other materials through the use of heat-sealing machine and other equipment processed into a professional inflatable cloth, cold-resistant flame retardant. By the Technical Supervision Bureau test results show that this material is not irritating to children's skin, completely healthy.

Power failure suddenly blackout, the toy to have enough time to change the air, the test in more than 70 seconds, so will not cause harm to children.

Kids trampoline air leakage - how to do? Continuous inflatable form of air supply is large, in order to make the toy has good flexibility, some parts of such toys are required to leak air, otherwise the toy is too hard will affect the entertainment effect. In addition, if you think the toy needs to repair the large amount of air leakage, the repair method is also very simple, just like repairing bicycle tires, you only need to use PVC materials and special adhesive to repair. Generally speaking, a kids trampoline can be used for about 100,000 times (three years), if you pay attention to the use of the environment, the normal operation and maintenance of equipment, can extend the service life.


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