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TAKI will provide the integrate solutions for amusement equipment,providing the customized design and service for customer based on different budget. Our service though all your whole project.

kids trampoline

These are related to the kids trampoline news, in which you can learn about the updated information in kids trampoline, to help you better understand and expand kids trampoline market. Because the market for kids trampoline is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Trampoline for your kids
    Trampoline for your kids
    Trampoline park is a common amusement facility in children's indoor playgrounds, and playing trampoline is one of the most popular amusement programs for children. When children get together to play trampoline during holidays, they jump happily on the trampoline and compete with their buddies to see who can jump the highest. How about making kids trampoline a gift for your child?
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  • Kids trampoline safety
    Kids trampoline safety
    The rich development of material life has made many parents pay more attention to their children's spiritual satisfaction, which has stimulated the explosion of children's entertainment and leisure industry. A variety of entertainment venues, as well as entertainment projects, are emerging, and parents can use weekends and breaks to take their children to relax and play. Kids trampoline park is a kind of indoor playground where both adults and children can play, attracting many adults and children. Trampoline is a sport and an entertainment activity with various ways to play, both professional and amateur. In addition to the endless fun, also has a certain danger exists, how can we play at the same time, to reduce or avoid the occurrence of safety hazards.
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  • how to anchor a trampoline?
    how to anchor a trampoline?
    We have tons of resources available to you when planning and choosing your commercial playground equipment. Since 1929, Hikids has worked to perfect the art and science of playground structures. Our parent company, Playkids, works in partnership with the leading experts at top universities around th
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  • What Should I Bring To A Trampoline Park?
    What Should I Bring To A Trampoline Park?
    Trampoline, as one of the Olympic sports, integrates the latest American safe aerobic exercise experience with safety, fitness, leisure, entertainment and social integration! Comprehensive fitness, decompression, parent-child, and expansion into one, is a national activity suitable for people aged 3
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